Top 10 Anime Winter 2020 | First Impressions (Ft. Darwin’s Game, Eizouken, and More)

I’m back again and late again talking about all of the anime I am watching this winter season. As this season has really peaked my interest. From the amazing characters, the interesting plotline, and an anime that I really was struggling to define it greatness. But, here are the rules for those not familiar. (As this is the second time of me doing this).

The Rules

Rules that I have for this is that one. I will include anime that are currently airing this year which is cheating a little bit. But, I just needed to one talk about the F tier anime that is airing this season. While also talking about the anime that gets no love that is also on its second cour this season also. If you know what they are then you know. Also here are the tier rankings and their meaning.

  • F meaning why the hell were you made over another season of Spice and Wolf.
  • D meaning I dropped it and most likely won’t continue it. (Which doesn’t mean it bad)
  • C meaning that I might pick up the next couple episodes because I was intrigue of the first episode. So I am interested in at least the story.
  • B meaning that it hooked me enough to commit to at least half of the season. It was very enjoyable and I really am interested in the plot of the story.
  • A meaning that I am hooked for the season. This is a series that I am investing in at least one character. I am loving the story and the world is worth the watch.
  • S is A rank that I normally give to shows that I either know is great from the prior season or cour. I have read the manga and know that it is going to be amazing, or it was just that special of a first episode.

Now that all of the rules are done. All that is needed to be said is done. Let’s talk about the winter season in February.

F Tier

Seven Deadly Sins (2nd Cour)

I have rarely brought up Seven Deadly Sins on my blog as this was a story that when I was making this blog that I was way behind on. When I caught up though this story I couldn’t believe that it has been treated like this. Like the staff was horrendous on this season. The animation was god awful the censorship was something that I can’t even comprehend why was it this bad. Like sheesh, who the hell green lighted this horrendence series.

D Tier


Now this shit right here is something that I was watching it with a lot of expectations. The story looked cool. It had an hour premiere. Which every anime that has had that to me was very enjoyable. But, one thing that made me drop this is the garbage fanservice. Like this girl has been groped and been in compromising positions more than I can count in the first episode. The Ace guy is a character that I hated from his hidden introduction to his reveal. The girl is really stupid and it is a nitpick but, come on my dude. She had been walking alone for 5 years looking for you and you leave her alone my guy. Like she was crying for you and you left her with the orb so she couldn’t be sent to jail. Then she gets caught anyway and the cop is like we don’t care anymore. Well just leave you to your devices.

While also seeing what she has been through. If she was a really written good character she lowkey might have straight up…. Imma stop. Moving on being a pervert in your masked version while also being a white knight in your hero version is just another detail that I just hated like I knew that he was the masked guy after all of the attention that we gave to his character. But, why did his introduction have to be so nasty.

The story is just not good in my opinion and I just blame the writer for it. The animation was nice and for a moment I really liked it. But, I saw this and all I have to say is this is something that you should not go in with a lot of high hopes but, hey I have hated a series before and I became one of my favorite anime (Arifureta) so who knows this might be high on another day.

Somali to Mori no Kamisama

Now this is a case of a series that I would enjoy if I didn’t watch the daughter anime last year. As the story is one that keeps you happy and is a feel good anime. But, man is it something that is just not my cup of tea anymore. It’s just me with this one as I know that people will watch this and love this series with all of its heart and soul. The characters are likable and the world was interesting. I just was not about the plot for this anime.

C Tier


Now this is something that I was just my complete bias towards the games. As this was something that I liked a lot. For reasons that if you played those games I believe that you would enjoy the first episode also. This is something that I can’t believe I really enjoyed for a full episode. This is something that I really can’t hate as the anime based on games (with few exceptions) are never really that good. So I was gonna put it in the D tier. But, I love Nekopara so much when the games first came out I have to give it the C tier.

B Tier

Science Fell in Love, So I Tried to Prove it

Now if you love Kaguya-Sama. You might enjoy this anime also as the plot of this is two people who are clearly in love with one another and are two “smart” to realize it. I just like the plot and this is something that if it can live up to my expantations then I can wait to see what is done with this amazing story and everything that it is about. The characters are fun the cast is hilarious and they all just have that Kaguya vibe that I just had to pick it up.

A Tier


In/Spectre is very interesting I might say. This anime is one that I can’t really put my foot on. One thing for sure is that the main girl of the series is my favorite girl of all of the new series this year. (As Chihaya, Shinobu, and Rem all have my heart in these shows.) These are all the people that I can’t put my eye one but they all interest me in some way or another. As the character of Kotoko is one of those girls that I really appreciate in the series. As she is a unique main girl that is a breath of fresh air to me. As she is someone that is in love with the other main character and their dynamic is something that interested me.

Also the world is very unique to me. As a blend of the real and spirit realm and having Kotoko as the god of the spirits is really interesting. Also I started a bit of episode two because I was really interested in her character. I really fucking love her character and everything that she is about. So I am hooked on this anime and everything about it. As this is an anime that I say can be one of the best this season.

Darwin’s Game

Now this is a series that I got hooked on the very first episode. As this anime gave me a Dead Tube vibe and if you know how much I love Dead Tube, then you know why I give this series such love. As the main character is stuck in a game by his friends dying breath. While also being very special with his ability. Also I love that his sidekick is a loyal Kyoukai type character. While also having a fun ability in creating shit on the go. The world looks like a fun game and the characters and their comedic moments are something that I just love. The one hour premier was worth it as this was one of those series that had my eyes on the screen the whole episode.

S Tier

Chihayafuru (2nd Cour)

I will say this again this is the most underrated anime in history. As this is just one of those series that I love with a passion. As the arc that we are on right now is amazing. The characters good, bad, and just weird are amazing. The game of kurata is one of the best sport anime in history. Also yes I called kurata a sport. I’m just saying that if you haven’t watched it then watch it because it is something amazing and deserves the highest of praise.

Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na!

The first episode to me was something very special. This was actually gonna be an anime that I skip. As I was just not really interested in the Synopsis. But, upon watching the anime. It just gave me something that I couldn’t describe. Like really this is a crazy moment for me as this anime gave me the first something. I can’t even describe it like a mix of nostalgia, happiness, and something else. As in the beginning I was like that is me and I just felt like I was flying in that drawn plane with those girls. I was having fun in another world with them. As soon as I finished it I started to type this cause school and all was getting over my head again and I have been completely ignoring this blog that I was so passionate about. Until I watched this anime. I was procrastinating making this post over and over. Until I watched this and it just made me feel something. Something that I can’t describe. This is an anime that I give the highest recommendation of all of the new series.As this was just one of those series that I can truly say was special.

Re: Zero (Directors Cut)

Now I am not going to talk much about this series. As if you haven’t watched it just watch it and go in blind as hell. If you have then you know why I put it this high. That is all that I am gonna say about it nothing else.

Final Thoughts

I think I have earned the title of the hiatus king. But, I do have an explanation and that was because I have finally started watching anime again. I went on a ramble last month as this month was something that I could even go on about. But, now I am setting a goal for myself that I have attempted many times, but have failed. The closet month that I had was June. As that month was something special. My goal this month is 29 post. Also happy leap year I just realize that. So hopefully I can go crazy this month. I have been slowly but surely planning on making a comeback and this is the best was to kick it off to me. Talking about everything that I am behind on. So be great my A&M people.

8 thoughts on “Top 10 Anime Winter 2020 | First Impressions (Ft. Darwin’s Game, Eizouken, and More)

  1. “Now this is a case of a series that I would enjoy if I didn’t watch the daughter anime last year.”

    I’ve never agreed more. The first episode gave me vibes almost exactly like that daughter anime. It’s warm fuzz but to me, I feel like it’s wearing thin. Maybe I’m just too cold for the genre haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Plunderer is the worst thing I’ve seen in ages and the animation is nice. The story is a complete mess and makes no sense whatsoever. Random expositions dumps and a character that’s been walking for five years and knows nothing of the world she lives in. Not to mention the ace who is possibly the stupidest character ever. Have you seen hime dressed as a pudding yet?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Actually another question I have now is what did she eat all of those years. It just shows her walking in the first episode. Did she just go five years without eating also her money and new clothing also.

      Sadly I drop it after episode one. I hurt my head trying to comprehend the first episode.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. You can also check out Smile at the Runway, it tackles fashion of which I couldn’t care less but it has a good cast of characters which made me stick to this anime.

    Liked by 1 person

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