This Ain’t Real | Kingdom Manga Chapter 629 “Shin’s Dream” Review

***Spoiler Warning***

This chapter made me go through a lot of emotions. Also this is chapter was one that I couldn’t comprehend, this chapter is one that I couldn’t even fathom in my head. Like this chapter Shin at the moment is currently dead. The man that we have been following from the very first chapter that Shin. Has fallen due to surpassing his limits beyond expectation. Losing all of his life force to defeat the monster of Houken. Well let’s talk about this chapter.

The Emotions

Bruh, I legit almost cried this chapter. I was just chilling in a public college area doing my homework. Then, I read the chapter and I was trying to hold back my tears. As seeing the emotion of the whole Hi Shin Unit who could not move at all when their leader was down. It was so sadly beautiful how they could not go on with their leader. I am tearing up just thinking about it. As this was an emotional ass chapter my guy like it gave me feels similar to the decision episode of Attack on Titan season 3 part 2.

Shin Actually Dead

Hara you are a GOAT writer but, come on man you don’t have to kill one of our two main characters. Like I would always joke about how good of a writer you have to be to kill off you main character. While still having your readers invested in the story. But, you saw how the whole unit froze in the fall of Shin. You saw what has become of this like you can’t write that this man is dead. As this is something that I am not gonna believe anymore. This chapter was just one that I couldn’t even think would happen. Like I thought this man just needs a lot of sleep. But, man this guy needs more than that but please don’t kill off a character that we have invested over 600 chapters in.

Kyoukai Sacrifice?

I might drop this manga if Kyoukai dies. I legit might drop this whole series if Kyoukai dies. Like you cannot have the fucking future bride of the great general of the heavens sacrifice herself man. Like she has two goals and one of them is to climb that mountain with Shin. She still has to become a great general of the heavens along with Shin. Like I really don’t care what is the cost. She has to live or I am legit dropping this manga.

Final Thoughts

This was just a sad chapter to me. I don’t know what the hell is gonna happen. But, I am just waiting patiently for this chapter. Like I still have no idea how this next chapter is going to go. I just hope everyone makes it out. That is all that I hope. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

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