One of The Most Impactful Panels I Have Ever Read (Vinland Saga)

This was something that I never really could put into words until now. This simple but impactful panel had given me so many goosebumps and froze on the first read that I couldn’t even do anything but praise it’s greatness. As this is just one of those amazing panel panels that I really was frozen just looking at it. I also believe that this was also the same chapter that I declared Vinland Saga a masterpiece.

Now this panel is just a mother protecting her child to Thorfinn and his friends. As a couple chapters before she and her whole village was destroyed by vikings as they were pillaging. With the final moment beforehand was her being stabbed in the back. She was presumed dead and thought to show more of the Vikings. That was what I believe the purpose of that chapter to be. But, then seeing the page with her holding onto her last breathing breath. Feeding her child, ready to kill anyone that came close. She at this moment to me is the true definition of a mother that truly loved and cared for her child.

She died with her final words being the child’s name. We never knew the name of the mother. All we knew was that she had one goal and that was to make sure that her son was in a safe place. But, seeing what she was ready to do. Seeing that she was ready to kill anyone to make sure that her child would live a good life. Holding on to her life to make sure that her child was properly fed and taken care of. Until her very last breath she was very impact to me.

Hell I just shed a tear just looking at this page. This was actually the moment that I claimed Vinland Saga a masterpiece. This was just one single page that makes this manga one of my favorites in history. As this was just a single page that gave me so much emotion and love for the series. So I just wanted to talk about that panel.

Final Thoughts

I am getting a greater appreciation for Vinland Saga as I am rereading this manga. As I am reading this I am getting a greater appreciation for the farm arc and post prologue is one of my favorite arcs of all time. Also I realized that I haven’t made a post dedicated to Vinland and it’s greatest. Then reading that chapter (111 of Vinland Saga) it gave me the same goosebumps and the same feeling that I had previously. Then I realize that this was an amazing and impact panel.

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