Miami Chill Post [UNFILTERED A&M #14]

Why is this my featured image? Beats me.

I was so focused on my Midterm today that I almost forgot to post today. So this is me here just writing what I will be posting this week. While also just dotting down the ideas I have for posting this month. First things first, tomorrow Grand Blue chapter 59 review. The chapter just came out and it is one of the best in the history of the manga. I also have proclame my new favorite overall character of Grand Blue after this chapter. So that is for tomorrow.

Random Pic But This Game is amazing.

Now everything else is completely out of order for the date so just look out for them. Or not cause I remember that I said about a year ago that I was gonna post a book review on that HighSchool of the Dead Masters Editions that is on my bookshelf right now and I still have only read “certain scenes” in it. That is something that is in the near future. Maybe not who knows.

Something that actually relates to the post.

But back to the ideas, now some post I plan to talk about is Chihayfuru Season 3 and the last three episodes. Cause they were all fire. I plan to make a Kingdom post because I am committed to reviewing this series weekly for 2020. I also plan on talking about a new manga that no one has heard of. I need to do that. I also need to finish the Black Clover and Monogatari Series post that I never completed and take the advice of a certain bird.

No Comment.

I believe I still have to watch an anime that Red recommended. Which I do plan on watching Smile at the Runway so I will make a post about that. Also it’s the month of Love and I have not made a single best couple, relationship, or just a waifu wednesday. But, I do plan to do something either To Love Ru related or harem genre in general on Valentines Day though. So look forward to that.

I still hate Rito.

Actually I should start planning another big project similar to the To Love Ru Project. Cause that was fun as fuck to do. I just realized how much I wrote and I think that is enough of me writing for the day. This is just a filler post so I hope that you enjoyed it. Also if you are wondering the name of the post. It’s because I am just chilling in my room in Miami. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

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