I Am About To Drop This Series | Kingdom Manga 630 “Gap Between Heaven and Earth” Review

*Note this is more of a rant than review. Also HUGE spoiler warning.

This manga has made me mad two weeks in a row. First was with the death of Shin. Which is on some bullshit altogether when you could have just made him go in a coma my guy. But, now in order to bring him back you make Kyoukai give up all of her lifespan. Which makes me even more mad as her goal to go to the top of the mountain with Shin will never happen now. Like that was one of my favorite chapters in all manga history. To have that dream sacrificed for Shin which note on the side I don’t hate Shin at all he is my third favorite character in Kingdom and top 15 favorite character in all of anime. I also want his dream to succeed. But, to lose his wife for this dream is not worth it.

I said this last week if she dies I might have to drop the series. As this thing about having to give up half of her life force in some type of ritual. This is on some bull to begin with. But, because of Kyoukai I was alright with it. But, now that this utter loyalty to Shin. Which I now have to say is more loyal than Zoro(One Piece). As this girl gladly with a smile on her face sacrificed her life for Shin. Without a second thought in this world. This chapter to me just assures me that in the future that this man Shin as long as they survive this (Which they better) better climb that mountain with her about 365 times a year.

This review is all jumbled but, Man like I thought that Hoken was gonna use his powers to revive Shin. But, to have some people’s favorite character in the franchise do this. Like I don’t even know anymore. You cannot kill one of the highest potential Great General of the Heavens. As Kyoukai and Shin were supposed to be Tou and Ouki. You know I still am not gonna believe it cause they still consist right now and to have either of them die this would lose a lot of Kingdom fans.

Also one thing that I like is that Kyoukai finally got to meet her sister again. Or another version of her sister I believe. Because she said that they felt different. But, I lowkey wished that her sister said something to Kyoukai about the boy that she liked. This was a ok chapter to me. I just am a little bit wary of the aspect of revival. But, note if Kyoukai dies you won’t be seeing reviews out of me again.

Final Thoughts

It’s just kinda funny how when I finally commit to talking about this series. Then you hit me with a succer punch chapter like this man. How the hell am I supposed to continue without the clear best girl of the series man. I was supposed to come out with something else today. But, this Kingdom chapter has me a little heated. But, until next time be great my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “I Am About To Drop This Series | Kingdom Manga 630 “Gap Between Heaven and Earth” Review

  1. You expect the series to be all vanilla? You have a fanboy/girl PoV. The series needs a huge turn of events in order to caught the eyes of manga industry. Even if kyoukai died, that would be a huge event that would break the manga industry, just like Ace(One Piece), Jiraiya(Naruto) that would be devastating and also a great drama for MC character development. Kingdom manga lacks that element, Kingdom only have straight progression on MC development. Nothing special compared to Guts(Berserk) Musashi(Vagabond).


  2. I agree with you!! Super didn’t like that fact. It was like foreshadowing Kyou Kai’s death later on, she is my all-time favorite. If she really dies I’m dropping too. I am just reading it for her, if she’s gone I won’t hve any reason to.


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