The Second Greatest Anime All Time (According to MAL) | Interspecies Reviewers 1-4 Thoughts

Warning this post will have cursing and high sexual content

I have never seen an anime that has made me laugh so much in one sitting. I really thought that when I watched this anime that it would be a bad troll that people were hyping up on my anime list. But, upon watching it I have never laughed so much in one sitting since the Popularity Poll arc of Gintama. Just to let you know that is a very rare thing to do. As every episode followed with the trio of Stuck, Zel, and Crim. Is so fucking amazing that I just have to give this anime a ten out of ten.

I am not bullshiting when I say that. I know that I will have to see how this goes. But, man is this show special and it deserves all of the high ranking and praises that it deserves. I am gonna go through this episode by episode with this so just know that every episode has HIGH SEXUAL CONTENT. So you have been warned.

Episode One

Bruh first thing this anime shows you is the two main characters debating whether a grandma and a 500 year old elf is better in bed. Thus making there charts which everyone reads as they are the number one reviewers in sex I guess. Also when they met Crim and they took this trap (has both) to a brothel to lose his virginity. I am like nani. Like this is one of the most crazy things that I have ever seen my dude.

Episode Two

This episode was the one where I learned Stuck’s penis size. (16.5 cm if you’re wondering). While also learning that Crim has one of the largest in the world. Also this episode they were trying to have sex with fairies. So yeah, also this episode was probably one of the most tamed. I say that very loosely.

Episode Three

I watched the uncensored version of this episode. I am just speechless after this episode. As this was one of those episodes that I really wondered if it was hentai. Like I am looking at this and I am still wondering if it is hentai. Also Crim is the greatest trap in history. Like I couldn’t comprehend some of the senses with him/her. As this was just ridiculous. Also a fun fact of the episodes female hyenas do have penies. Sometimes I wonder about my life choices as I am watching this. Like what the fuck is this anime.

Episode Four

This episode I was done. After seeing Crim fully become a degenrate when having sex with the fire lady. But, right before it when these men and what they did with those sausages. I can’t comprehend this anime. Like what the actual fuck. Also Right before you have the scene in which all of these men tried to fuck these demon girls. Which supposedly is suicied if you go in with just three people. As these girls are non-stop men. Like what the fuck is this. Also I have accepted that this post I am not censoring anything here. So just know that this anime is wild.


I have to say that Crim has to be my favorite character. Cause he/she is the straight man in the group. But, I am with Stuck when it comes to all of the ratings. Zel is a chill guy and is lowkey overpowered. The Bear and the Little guy that hangs with them from time to time are funny also. I just wonder how much sex has these men had in there lives. Like I feel like these men are the truest men of culture. As this anime is amazing and the cast is amazing. The female characters are drawn so amazing that if I comment any further I will not end up posting this.

Final Thoughts

This anime is not for everyone. This is for the people who enjoy only the finest of culture. But, just know this. It is amazing and an anime that is probably one of if not my favorite anime of Winter 2020. I seriously don’t believe that anything will live up to this. Cause every episode is just getting even more over the top. They are also breaking the fourth wall so this is just a GOAT series. I thought that it was a troll because it got axed from funimation. But, this is truly a great funny anime. That literally gives no f*cks about the rules. I love this series and will watch it to the end. So until next time, be great to my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “The Second Greatest Anime All Time (According to MAL) | Interspecies Reviewers 1-4 Thoughts

  1. Part of the high rating on MAL is due to Funimation cancelling its broadcasting of it so people are retaliating by up voting. It has also recently been cancelled on a Tokyo based TV station. It’s funny as hell and ironically, pretty positive. I’ve not seen episode 4 yet because of all the cancelling.

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    1. Yeah thanks for the info. It is crazy how controversy can make a show so popular. But, about the episodes, every episode gets worst and worst so i am just warning you.

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