Busujima & Azusa!!!!! | Grand Blue Chapter 59 “Mixer Round Two” Review

Bruh I love this manga so much man. We had to wait a whole month for this Grand Blue greatness. But, it was worth it completely. As this chapter gave me one of the top two things that I can hope for. That being the Busujima and Asuza f*cking greatness. As this chapter was just one that I could not stop reading. I have read this chapter legit 5 times now. But, lets talk about this glorious beginning to the new decade. As we talk about Grand Blue chapter 59 called Mixer ROUND 2!

This chapter had the worst of friends. Trapping Iori to set up a mixer with Nanaka as they were caught together having breakfast in the morning. So we have the worst of friends combined with the amazing girls of Grand Blue in a mixer. I am just gonna say this straight up, this is a 10 out of 10 chapter to me. Like everything else they put out this year is gonna have to compete hard. As this was one of those amazing chapters.

Enters Nanaka

First off it is always debatable who is the best girl in Grand Blue. But, I have to apprecitate the amazing art of Nanaka’s chest my dude.

Iori protecting his family

It’s kinda funny to see that Iori does care for his family getting horned over a little bit. As this man got his haki up to protect her. But, these guys when it comes to that cat. You could hold a gun to their face and they would not bat an eye for that girl.

Enter Azusa-SAMA!!!

Bruh this girl is on a whole other level this year man. Like she is just amazing just in a relaxing clothing and making all of these virgin bastards horny as hell. Also I love how they split their chopsticks and Iori is shouting how unloyal as hell they are.

The Other Girls

We also get the introduction to Chisa, Aina, and crazy Rie. Which is sad we didn’t get to see more of her this chapter. But, it was still fun.

Rie Comes and Goes

It funny that she came solely for Yuu. This man Iori dips and tricks him to come and she just takes him and goes. It was nice to get a cameo of them for once.


I asked for very few things for Grand Blue 2020. To have them both in one chapter was just amazing and I love her attitude the whole episode. Like her and Iori’s dynamic this whole chapter was amazing as hell. Like this man crying finding out that she was the sub for Rie was priceless.

Mixer Begin!

It is kinda funny how all of these guys think that they are gonna get lucky. When we know that three of the 5 girls like Iori. One is in love with her sister and Azusa is my girl so they are all unavailable right now. It is just sad looking at it and seeing them struggle. Also chief Virgin Yamamoto is one of the most horrid creatures known to man.

Busujima Greatness

I don’t know why but everytime that she just says anything. I am just in love with it. As she just flamed all of them dudes man. Like all of them was sad as hell after that also. Like in the future they are gonna be in gold digger relationships. I can just see it. But, back to Busujima Greatness with her asking the real ass questions. But bruh afterwards when she was crying. I don’t know if that was the greatest play off real emotions. Or the biggest troll that I have ever seen. But, just every panel with her is amazing.

Lie Detector

Highlights from the lie detector. Was this confirmed that Busujima liked Iori. Which we all knew already so that was something that I am happy about. The virgins get electrocuted to hell and Azusa gives us one of those amazing drop something panels. So that is always a treat.

Best Panel

But, the scene that made me laugh the most is the Iori seeing his friends happy. While saying that it makes him want to puke. That was hands down the best panel in this chapter hands down man.

RIP Iori

Then Busujima asked a question that put Iori in another level of thinking. Even more than when he had to choose the right boob. He answers that he is attracted to multiple people. Then Nanaka mureder Iori and that was it. He was a good character for everything that he brought but it is sad to see him go.

Final Thoughts

I am happy that I finally took time to write this. As this chapter was just so amazing that I really couldn’t put it into words. I am happy that the year is starting out on the right foot. I can’t wait to see what happens next and I just have to say until next time, be great my A&M people.

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