What is Gintama? | Part One: Quick Synopsis

You know I was talking with a friend in college yesterday. And as we were talking about our favorite anime, I say that mine is the great anime of Gintama. He told me that he heard of it and he always wanted to watch it despite knowing nothing about it. So he wanted me to give a quick synopsis to him about it. Which was really hard for me to do. As this anime has so many layers to it and I couldn’t think of a way to properly describe it. But, after thinking about it for a minute. I finally found a way to talk about my favorite anime to him and this blog. So here is a quick one sentence synopsis on the anime of Gintama while also starting the second project to my blog. Describing what the hell is this amazing series?

Quick Dez Synopsis

Gintama is about a group of very, very weird people being themselves and following what they believe.

Final Thoughts

This is a really vague answer and my friend did look at me weird when i said it. But, it was part of a longer explanation and we will get to that and more about this in the new blog series of “What is Gintama?”. See this as a preview or the short answer to what’s to come and not a last minute post at 11:55 so I can meet my daily quota. So until next time be great my A&M people.

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