Monogatari Girls Quick Thoughts Part 6

***Spoilers for the whole Monogatari Franchise***

It has been a good while since I have done a post like this and I am happy that I finally get to conclude it with some of the best characters. As I said long ago this anime has no bad characters as even characters that were written to have an evil and bad side like the amazing character of Sodachi. They get layers upon layers added to the depth of their characters. As they become greater than they already are. Now enough of that nonsense. I came to talk about the top girls that I have failed to mention. That being the amazing women of the Monogatari franchise as they are some of the toughest and smartest people in this franchise.

Izuko Gaen

So first off I am gonna talk about the character of Gaen as she is without a doubt one of those characters that I could never be in a relationship in. As there is nothing that she doesn’t know. So any present that I give her, any surprise that I can give her, or anything that I can do for her she already knows. But, besides that I have to admit that everything that she has done in this series has been amazing. She is always one of the most interesting people to hear talk. As I really can hear her talk for days.

Also her character design is amazing. Like the hip look and the hat. Along with that confidence smile to add to her character. She is one of those just chill and amazing characters. That I just love and she is just so important to this franchise that without her I don’t know what would happen. But, one again I love her character and everything that it means to Monogatari.

Yozuru Kagenui

Now she has one of the most unique traits in anime. As she is cursed with the floor being fire. Not literally but, she can never step on the floor. Which is very unique and I like the design of her shoes being very high as a hopeful restriction. But, one thing that I always will remember is her beat down on Araragi that was savage.

Araragi’s Mom

Now she was one of those characters that only got a very limited amount of screen time. But, what we got from her was just amazing. As just in her one scene with Hanekawa, it showed that Araragi has a little bit of a mother complex or just is attracted to people like his mother. As I will now always wonder what would happen in a conversation between her and Senjougahara.

Kanbaru’s Mom: Tooe Gaen

I also felt like I had to talk about this amazing woman that took a bath with Araragi. As she is like the combination of Kanbaru and Gaen. As she is playful and just wise also. She is an amazing character that is in her one sense also amazing. Despite being a ghost she in her one scene in the bathtub felt so real and quoted some real sh*t.

Final Thoughts

I have finally completed this long process. As this was one of the most procrastinated projects that I have ever worked on this blog. But, I did get it done(technically). This is supposed to lead to a bigger project in the future as I talk about each arc, the messages, and the stories of this amazing cast. Why every person in this anime is so layered and gives me goosebumps thinking about each and every one of them. I always feel like this and Chihayafuru are two of the most not talked about, underrated masterpieces in fiction. So I try to spread the gospel as much as I can.

So you’re probably wondering why I said technically I got it done. Well I did always plan to do a true final to this series. Being the Monogatari Guys, so get ready for one more post for Araragi, Kanki, and the great Meme. Hopefully it doesn’t take me another couple months. But, if you haven’t seen the previous just click on the Monogatari hashtag below and have fun. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

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