What is Gintama? Part Two: Synopsis Explained

Now last time I left you guys on something so vague and short that it still might not give you any thought to pick this anime up. As in part one I left you on the quick synopsis of “Gintama is about a group of very, very weird people being themselves and following what they believe.” Which I can admit is not the easiest or most detailed synopsis in the world. But, when I think of every episode from the episode of 4 men sitting on a toilet trying to find toilet paper. To the very deep and dark past of Gintoki. I can only think of one thing that can truly put all of those moments into one sentence.

As this is my explanation for the previous synopsis for those who might think that I am crazy writing that smaller one. So here is a little bit of a longer version. As the anime of Gintama is about a group of very, very weird people being themselves and following what they believe in. But, there is a reason why I call these people very, very weird as in this anime we have the following: Toilet humor, lots of fourth wall breaking, memeing, dancing, fighting, a lot of naked people, episodes that make me question my life choices, and just dick jokes galore.

But, it also contains deep stories about accepting death, losing your purpose in life, love that last years and can never be severed, family that is always with you, and just moments that make you want to buy 10 boxes of tissues. The character no matter how weird, whether it is the naked Shogun or Gintoki’s soul rival. This series is one that will make you feel for every single character. You learn their quirks and everything that is about them. Then, when they are included into the funny parts of the series (Excluding the only character to never break character once). It is amazing to see them in this story.

Now to the second part of that synopsis. The reason that I say that people are being themselves in the anime. As everyone in this series is just themselves. As Gintoki is a lazy asshole at times that looks like he only cares about reading manga and eating food. But, when you learn what he believes in. You see why this man is my favorite character in anime history. You see Kagura the most troll character in this series. When you see her no matter in serious times or funny. She still has that same attitude towards everyone in this series.

Now the part about people doing what they believe in. I can’t talk about it without talking about spoilers. So I will save that for the final part of this “What is Gintama?” series that I am doing. But, just know that it is one of the most critical parts of this synopsis and when you watch this anime you will understand. So please watch Gintama as I hope that this pushes you a little further.

Final Thoughts

Now this is my favorite anime if you didn’t know. But, I just wanted to give a proper explanation to this very hard to describe series. So next time I plan to talk about the three main characters of this series and what they actually do. So until then, be great my A&M people.

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