Monogatari Memes | [UNFILTERED A&M #15]

You know I had a post for today. It was gonna be my top ten couples list. But what did I do. I started to watch a YouTube video. Then, I got so deep into the YouTube trap that I just watched a hour of USA female Rock Climbing. Note I didn’t know anything about rock climbing until today. You know, I am really starting to question my life choices. As I could have finally stocked up on a bunch of post but no… I decided to chill for way too long. But, it is finally the weekend for me. So I can watch all the anime and manga that I have been procrastinating on while also catching up on all of these post. Even thought I am caught up with Interspecies Reviewers. Which is more than the meme at this point as it is culture. Like the last episode with the Cyclops. That is just art.

I have no idea what I am gonna title this. Maybe just Monogatari memes. (Just Post 4) Just completely out of context from this whole post. Hopefully people don’t get it confused with the amazing character of Meme. I should have ended this a minute ago. But, thanks for reading the second A&M post cause I ran out of time to write cause of college. Also shout out to the people that post daily cause it is difficult as hell. Be great my A&M people.


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