My Top 10 Anime Couples

You already know who the GOAT couple is.

There is a ridiculous amount of relationships in anime. So narrowing them down to ten was hard enough. But, putting them into the category of an official relationship was even harder. So that means no harems (Except Monogatari), No complicated relationships (cough Domestic Girlfriend cough) as that will be a seperate post all together, finally it has to be 100% confirmed in a relationship in the story. So sadly no Guts & Casca, Malori & Vel, or Shin & Kyoukai. As much as I wanted to put them in this list I couldn’t.

This is part one of a four part Valentines Weekend Special. As this was one of the harder lists to make. As number one was easy as hell to me. But, two onwards I don’t even know where to start with that. I know that people might fight me in the comments about the top couples. But, I want all the smoke. So bring it. Besides that point, I have not seen every anime in the world so just another warning if you don’t see your favorite couple so let go. (It’s funny right after saying I want all the smoke I start coming up with excuses)

10) Naruto and Hinata (Boruto Naruto)

I had to choose one nostalgia pick from the anime of my childhood. Between Ichigo and Orihime, Vegeta and Bulma, and Goku and ChiChi. I had to pick the one that I was rooting for as a child the most. That was for the shy girl to win it all. As Hinata got her man. Even though they should have been confirmed a couple right after the f*cking Pain arc. I will digress. I am just a little mad it took way longer than expected.

9) Taiga And Ryuuji (Toradora)

Now this is another anime that strings on my nostalgia and this anime is just that good. I love the duo of Taiga and Ryuuji as they just seem like they are a perfect couple. They have been through almost everything that a highschool student can go through in an anime. Also they are just too good together.

8) Narumi and Hirotaka (Wotakoi)

I remember watching this anime for the first time a couple years back. Then I watched this couple do watch they did. I just love it. I loved the weeb communication between them and I love the story that they have done. This is one of those relationships that I can’t wait to read more about and find out more about in the future as they are too amazing for this world.

7) Ryu Yamada & Urara Shiraishi (Yamada & the Seven Witches)

Now this was an anime that from the beginning you see their relationship progress to the point that they are officially a couple. So I am happy that I got to see it. While also seeing the stages of their relationships. They were just cute to see through all of the Seven Witches.

6) Ryouko & Masafumi (Tsuredure Children)

Now this anime can have a whole list by itself for how they did these relationships. But, I will just say out of all the couples. The one that stood out to me the most was this CHAD Masafumi and Ryouko as they are just cute together. Ryouko is a heavy tsundere so seeing her reaction to everything was amazing. Then you have this man Masafumi who gives no Fs for the girl that he loves. Also made her stop smoking, made her study, and achieve her dreams. So Masafumi you are a really helpful and good guy. Despite some hilarious and questionable things that you have done. I love this couple and everything that they are about.

5) Gajeel and Levy (Fairy Tail)

Now this was one of the soul reasons that I still love fairy Tail despite it just being a little too friendship driven towards the end. But, seeing their progression in the anime. To them finally being a couple at the end. I am just happy that he gave this relationship a good ending at the end. As this was just amazing to watch.

4) Isaac Dian & Miria Harvent (Baccano)

Bruh when I talk about anime characters that I love. Everytime I think about these two, I can’t . It is just amazing. As this duo is just perfect my guy. Like it is just two very stupid peopple that when they got together. They found their most perfect match in the world. These two people are so perfect together that if number one didn’t exist this would to me clearly be the greatest couple in history. As they separated would be very hard for me to see.

3) Senjougahara and Araragi (Bakemonogatari)

Now even though me and Bakemonogatari has its gripes about the best girl. I will always say that these two are an amazing duo. As I will say this again, Senjougahara is the best girlfriend that anybody on earth can have. As they that she loves this man is on a whole other level. Like she is really willing to murder( on some real yandere sh*t) and kill herself afterwards. If someone were to hurt Araragi. Like she is also just a person that you cannot hate. But, I just love her character even.

2) Jacuzzi and Nice (Baccano)

Now this relationship is just too amazing. It might be because of my love for the ultimate gentleman in Jacuzzi. But, him and Nice will go to hell and back for one another. Like really these people are just insanely in love from childhood. Like this man got a face tattoo as a child. So that Nice was not the only one to get looks for her face marks. These two will gladly die for one another and they have been practically married from childhood.

But, only when this man was on the verge of death he finally gave her a kiss. Which was their first kiss as a couple ever. From childhood to near adults. Man I just love this man Jacuzzi so much man. Those two are the definition of opposites attract and I love it.

1) Holo & Lawrence (Spice & Wolf)

Now just know this right now no couple in anime history will be better than this couple. I will fight anybody who does not think this tragic, sad, and beautifully written story of these two is not greatness. As Holo and Lawrence have just the greatest Chemistry in fiction period. Like I can legit listen to them talk about if the world is flat or not for hours. Or just the context of an apple of an apple and why it is the greatest fruit. Like just the way that they converse in the anime manga and light novel. Because I am almost done reading bothe and have watched spice and wolf both dub and sub twice, I am lying about three and a half times.

Like where is season 3 man. There are so many characters that we need to introduce, there are so many more conversations that I need to here both dub and sub. The light novel is one of the two greatest pieces of literature that I have ever read. The manga is goat and just to see more Holo I am not complaining.

All of this is based on this couple and their adventures. I love this couple and Holo a lot if you can’t tell. So if you think this couple that I have personally invested I am pretty sure over 100 dollars into solely on the light novels. Just to read them talk to one another is insane. Then I am just a crazy person. I just realize how much I am writing for this duo and I need to chill cause I am spitting out nonsense.

Final Thoughts

I was really tempted to put like 4 Baccano couples on this list. But, I restrained myself. Also I wanted to put Yuu and Tokuho here But, I am not caught up enough to see them become a couple officially. I know that there are 100 romance anime that I have not watched so toss in the comments along with your couples that deserved to be on this list. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

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