10 Random Ships

Now I am alone one Valentines day so what better to do then to talk about 10 random Ships. As yesterday I talked about the top 10 couples today I am gonna talk about ten Ships. I was gonna rank them but, I know that some of these will never happen. While others I know will happen or I will murder the author (Hara I am looking right at you). So I really couldn’t put them all on ranking cause of that. So here are 10 random ships that I want or need to happen. Form 10 random anime that I have watched.

Rem & Subaru

Like I hate Subaru with a passion. But, I still am 50/50 with his character now after rewatching some Re: Zero episodes. But, I have to admit the only reason that I ship this relationship is because of Rem’s happiness. I know that it will probably not happen unless Emillia is cool with a harem. Which if she is not it might make my hatred for her even more. Even though she doesn’t deserve it I know that.

Also Technically we do have a whole other light novel in an alternate timeline where Subaru decides to live with Rem and have two kids. Which is written by the author but that is not good enough for me. I have written a lot about this already. I am just gonna say that I ship them. Who’s next…f*ck.

Rui and Natsu

Well I was planning to make a whole complicated relationships list. But, really there is no relation as complicated as this one. As the manga has strung my emotions over and over. When we could have had a answer 100 f*cking chapters ago. But, no you had to make me care and be invested in Hina’s happiness too. Kei Sasuga you are truly a monster. But, man this relationship is one that I want to happen as much as the next one on this list.

Hina and Natsu

Don’t blame me, blame Sasuga for making me invested in both of these characters as I didn’t want this but, now I just want an answer. As their relationship is that they want to be together. But, Rui is in the way. But, I love Rui and want all the happiness in the world for her. So I don’t know what to do. Man F*ck you Sasuga.

Man, three paragraphs three f bombs. You need a snicker man. Yeah I need a snicker bro. Thanks let’s talk about a couple that I know won’t make me mad.

Soma and Megumi

Aw F*ck, you know I will admit it. I still hate Erina. I don’t care enough about her backstory to say that Soma and Erina are right for one another. I still think that Megumi is the clear wife material for him. As she has basically admitted to liking him and is riding or die for him.

Also in this final season and in the manga’s final arc there was this one seen that really made me want to through my f*cking phone across the room. When this author drew my girl looking at Aldini thinking in her head. He’s just like Soma. I am done talking about this I am done. This is supposed to be a happy list. But, now I am just ranting about Ships that I will never get.

Nisekoi In General

You know what might as well rip off all of the bandages. Nieskoi I hate you so f*cking much man. Why did you give us this horrible dragged out ending. Give us one of the most horrible ending relationships, and even though I am one of the lone Tachibana fans out there I still will agree that Onedera deserved him. I also heard that the manga was just stretched out for money purchases. So I am just happy that I saw that.

Final Thoughts

I think the snicker finally came in effect. I am done debating why some of these authors would do this. But, I digress. Also shout out to everyone because it’s Valentines day. Hope if you have loved one that you tell them that you love them. If you don’t then I just hope the best for you. Let us all take it easy on this day of love. This is supposed to be 10 couples, but I just realize that I still have 5 more to go and this post is way too long enough. That’s what this is gonna be a 2 parter cause if I talk about any more relationships. I might have to fly to Japan to fight some people. So until next time be great my A&M people.

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