10 Random Ships Part 2

Time for the conclusion for these two parter. As last time I ended up ranting about all the failed ships that I know will never happen. But, now I am gonna talk about ships that should happen or I will fight the author. This is the part where I was gonna be positive and forget the Nisekoi rabbit hole and that is a very dark place I don’t want to go again. So here are 5 more ships as promised from my last post 10 random ships.

Shin & Kyoukai (Kingdom)

This couple is legit fact gonna happen (unless Hara is on some bull). These two will literally die for one another and would not bat an eye for that. I will never forget the chapter that Kyoukai said that she would bear his children. Saying that you wou have to climb to a mountain and didn’t know any inkly about sex. Shin is also a real one and does everything that he can for his girl. It is basically confirmed by everyone that this will happen so I can’t wait.

Guts & Casca (Berserk)

I am not gonna spoil anything. As I feel like that even saying anything about this would be heavy spoilers for the whole plot of Berserk. But, just know that they have some of the most beautiful panels together ever to be put on paper.

Eren & Mikasa (Attack On Titan)

I don’t think I need an explanation for this. As she has wanted Eren since he gave her that scarf and she will have Eren whether he wants to or not. Also I feel that Mikasa is one of the most well written characters in fiction. But, people say she has no personality. I will defend her till the end and say that she deserves everything in the world.

Armin & Annie (Attack On Titan)

Spoilers for the end of season one.

I remember specifically when Annie got caught. When she was finally at the point of no return she asked Armin how much he knew. As what he thought was above everything else.I feel like she had this connection with him all of season one. Including when she was a Titan and just looked at him. But, man I really hope that we get to see more with them in the final season. As I just want a happy ending for them maybe.

Malori and Vel (Mage & Demon Queen)

How better to end this then with possibly my soon to be second favorite couple in fiction. I love these two and their dynamic so much that it is just fun to read. Similar to Spice and Wolf I can just read them being in a room for hours. They are obviously gonna end up together in the future. So I can’t wait to see that. Also I had to have one tsundere in this list. So I am happy with this.

Final Thoughts

Alright I have completed this list even though it took me a little longer than usual. But, I did complete it. So I hope that you enjoyed it. Also there are millions of ships out there that’s why I only made ten-ish. So yeah comment below a random ship you enjoy and until next time. Be great to my A&M people.

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