5 Anime That I Have Never Seen But, I Know Are Great [UNFILTERED A&M #16]

This is another A&M as I am in the middle of studying for a midterm. So I am gonna talk about 5 anime that I have never seen. But, I do plan to watch at least one of them during my spring break. As I can’t watch every anime in the world. But, I know when an anime is great because I have been told to watch it several times. So here are the ones that I have been told to watch.


Now this anime I hear all of the praise in the world from it. But, I just can’t get over the volleyball sport. I am a heavy basketball fan and I love Slam Dunk and Kuroko No Basket with a passion. I am also a huge boxing fan and I have to put the manga and anime of Hajime No Ippo at a high spot in my heart. But, I will eventually get to this.

Demon Slayer

This might be cheating a bit. But, all that I have watched of this is the first two episodes and the fight that broke the internet. So I say that those are two anime that you should pick up.

Mob Psycho 100

Now this anime is one that I have to admit is one that I will watch when I catch up will the seasonals. While also being the one that I will most likely watch out of all of these. I just see that Mob is a very good character and


This anime just looks epic. I know once I hit summer break this is gonna be the number one thing on my list to watch. So I can’t wait to pick that up one day.

FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood

Now I have told the story why I haven’t watched this before. I don’t know if I will ever watch it. But I know that it is great. I know that some claim it as the greatest to exist. But, I had to drop it after it traumatized me as a youngin. So who knows maybe in a very slow season when I have caught up to all of the anime that I wanted to. I might pick this up.

Final Thoughts

The reason I put this post out is because I just randomly once again when I had an hour of freetime. I didn’t catch up to the anime that I am behind on. But, instead I watch an anime that I have heard praises about but have never watched. That anime being SNAFU just so you know I am enjoying it so far. So it is interesting to watch. Well that is all I just talk about random anime that I never saw. I don’t even know if this counts as a post.

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