Conflicted | Kingdom Manga Chapter 631 “The Red Stairway”

Conflicted, that was the one word that came to mind this chapter. As I enjoyed it very much seeing the Pyou, KyoGai, and ShouSa specifically As he is becoming even more of a favorite character as I reread this story. It was good seeing what Kyoukai was willing to do for her husband (I am just gonna state fact now). But, man I still can’t get over that magic sh*t. It was one of the very few chapters of Kingdom that just made me cringe for a minute. I feel like this and the Yotanwa jump off a cliff chapter are the only two that through me off so much.

The Red Stairway

Pyou And Shin was really good to see after all that they went through together. Seeing them finally talk after all of this time was refreshing. This is one of those chapters when you see Shin going like. Imma do it but, not yet. Then he did it again until you kinda got annoyed a little. It might just be me. That what he was doing with the red stairway. Which is a unique to me version of the way to the afterlife.

Kyoukai Brings Back Shin

Now just seeing this panel almost broke my heart. Cause I really felt like she was gonna die for her husband. I was really about to throw my 1000 plus laptop for real. But, I really love this panel of them seeing her struggle and everything that she went through for the smallest of chance to get her back.

Girl You Ain’t Dying

So once she brought her husband back to reality. I was happy to see that the Hi Shin Unit even in death will support their members. I really love this panel mainly cause of ShoSa was one of my favorite members of the Hi Shin moment. I will admit that I cried at his death and seeing him again gave me chills. It might be just me but, I truly believe that the Hi Shin Unit is the greatest ride or die group in fiction. But, beside that we know that Shin is alive and in good health. But, what of Kyoukai and what did she give up. So I am just patently waiting for the next one for my queen.

Final Thoughts

This was still a very good chapter overall. But, in the back of my mind I had this thing just wondering why the hell did we have to do all of this. Cause I understand that this manga has some elements of unreal things. But, man that just kinda threw me out of the story. When you could have just put him in a coma. But enjoyable chapter nonetheless. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

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