***Spoilers Up the Wazoo***

Man I always wondered how Death Note would be in the modern world. As this one shot chapter of Death Note is one that I really enjoyed. When reading this for the first time I was actually hopeful for seeing the future of Minoru and would he get the Death Note again and what he would do with it. Actually what would have been more savage is that Minoru wrote that the Death Note will be destroyed by the purchaser and would die. Thus killing Trump and the Death Note(for the time being). To me that would have been a happy ending. But, I am kinda okay with it as it is stated that whoever acquires the Death Note will meet a horrible demise. But, man thinking about it was a solid chapter.


Now Minoru is a very good protagonist in my book. I really wish we were in a world that he and L or him and Light would meet. As Minoru is very smart and calculated but he takes time to calculate his solutions. He is a very smart character like most people that Ryo

Bidding for the Death Note

It was really interesting seeing everyone bid for the death note. Seeing the amount of money was so huge that the author just stopped giving out names for it. But, man it was crazy that this many countries would openly bid for it. You see North Korea and the United States just openly bidding. You see Donald Trump and all of his glory. This was just one of those crazy moments. The United States won and boy the question that we all were wondering was given out. What will Minoru do next?

Shocking Everyone

This was one of the best things that a person can do with one of the most evil things possible. He manages to hide from Near(Who didn’t really do anything this arc), he manages to make billions of dollars to him and everyone in Japan, manage to do that all without even using the Death Note.

Donald Trump

I was done after this panel. Like I saw memes of this and I really didn’t know how to react. I thought that it was fake at first and I really couldn’t react properly to this greatness. The creators of Death Note decided to put Trump in it. This is one of those things in life that I never knew that I needed until now.

Forcing a New Rule in the Death Note

Man this man Minoru is such a G that he really made the Shinigami King put a new rule for the Death Note. Like just imagine that you succeed in using the Death Note to its best abilities so much that you made the Shinigami King pissed off.

This puts questions in my mind. Like what would happen if you gave the Death Note to L instead of Light. Would he use it the same way or would he be an even greater version of Light. As I truly believe that L was smarter than Light. But, Light had the better plan. Actually this is a post for another day.

Final Thoughts

This might have had a lot of plot holes that I want to exploit. But, it was still a very interesting and fun read. I feel that if this manga got a reboot. It might be one of the most interesting reads in fiction. Seeing Light and L going back and forth was fun. But, imagine another person like Minoru was gifted the Death Note. While also trying to find another death note killer or Kira colt follower. It would be so interesting to see a battle like that. But, thanks for reading and until next time. Be great my A&M people.

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