Gintama Is The GOAT | [UNFILTERED A&M #17]

I ran out of time today because of college. But, I really wanted to keep my streak. So I will talk about 3 of the 10 posts that I have been working on for the end of this month. Hope yall are having a good day and know that Gintama is the GOAT.

What is Gintama Part 3?

It is really hard to put into words the greatness of Gintama. As everytime that I write it I find it harder and harder to describe. But, Just know that this anime is the GOAT. I have watched a good amount of series in my day. But, nothing will ever top this masterpiece.

Kingdom Season 3

I got to talk about it eventually. TO be honest I dropped the anime after the first three minutes of episode one. So I have to talk about my favorite manga of all time. As this is getting me a little bit hype cause it is a collation arc. Which is my favorite arc in fiction so I have to talk about this in a post soon.

Shinobu & Araragi

I have delayed this almost four page essay for several months. Trying to formulate the words to describe their dynamic in the best way that I can. Just know that the expected date is the 28 and it is one of the hardest post that I worked on to date.

Final Thoughts

So this is hopefully my final little effort post of the month. As I really was stuck in some mucky waters today. But, I have one more class and its spring break on Friday for me. So I am just happy to finally make it to freedom. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

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