Why They Are Master And Queen | Chihayafuru 3 Episode 17 to 19 Review

This was one of the most beautiful and intranet ways of portraying the Master and Queen. In these last three actually from what Suo said about you can’t have it all. It shows the work and struggle that you have to deal with when becoming the Queen. Which in episode 20 I am rooting 100 percent for Suo. As this man is probably right next to Tachi as the best written character in this series. As seeing his backstory and why he was so amazing as a player. Make me love his character even more. Well let’s talk about this sad, schooking, and amazing three episode spand of Master and Queen Finals.

Why Suo Is the Master

This man clinged on one word of his caretaker. “Make something of yourself”. When he finally found something that he was good at. He worked to the point that he was unbeatable. All knowing that he will one day go blind. I can’t properly describe his character or backstory but, I relate to him so much. That I have to show his character the highest of praises. Suo is the GOAT after his backstory and seeing why he plays the way he does. He is the greatest master in history. As I am pretty sure regardless both of them are gonna retire after this.

Suo’s Weakness

It is sad that one day that this man will go blind never be able to play kurta again. As this man really will have to retire one day. But, to be honest Harada is a little bit of a dirty player in this regard. I understand that he is trying to claim that Master Title before he retires. But, you can’t just abuse a man’s vision like that. As this was the weakness that Chihaya told him. I was shocked to find out.

Shinobu and Chihaya

You know what, forget all of this Chihaya-Arata and Chihaya-Taichi nonsense. Who is on that Chihaya x Shinobu ship. Joking (not really) but, man I really hope that these two move their friendship along. As they are perfect for one another. They love all the same things and everything that they do together is amazing and fun. It was also funny how Shinobu lets Chihaya do anything to her. With her mom shocked in the background.

Why Shinobu is Queen

Coach S said it best. As seeing Shinobu love and care for all of the cards. Seeing that she had a very lonely childhood and the closest people she had were her cards. I still feel sad for her. But, this is what it takes to be Queen. Like Suo said Chihaya can never be queen with all of the things she has now. I am on Suo side with this one and even though the way that he said it destroyed her.

Shinobu Once Again Queen

Shinobu claimed her crown once again. As her and Inokuma go back and forth in this was amazing. I am happy and sad to see her character go. Which really made me think about the future of some people. As much as you can love the game of Kurata and have a passion for it. There are more important things in life.

Inokuma Is Pregnant

Speaking of more important things. This queen (in our hearts) played this pregnant. Bruh, that is hella commitment. She fell to Shinobu. But, she has earned all of my respect this season. I hope to see her character in the future as a teacher or a reader. Hell maybe her oldest boy is a crazy player. But, I really loved her character and seeing her determination to be the queen. I was sad to see her lose and retire for good. But, man I love this series.

Also this might even be more motivation for Rion so don’t be shocked if she beats Chihaya next year. People are sleeping on her.

Final Thoughts

I am a little salty that I was left on a cliffhanger for that episode. As I really wanted to know who won. But, that is for another time. This final match is heating up and I am rooting for Suo 100%. One way or another this will be the final match for both of them. So I can’t wait to see what happens next. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

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