Kyoukai and Shin | Kingdom Manga Chapter 632 “Rejoining the Fight” Review

This was a really good chapter. A lot of joy, a lot of revelations, and the conclusion to the 15 day battle on the plains. This was one of the longest battles in the Kingdom and I am happy that it concluded nicely. This arc made Kyoukai become the GOAT tier. She was already one of my favorite characters all time. But, this arc just made her even higher on that list.

Shin Is Back and Confused

Well Shin is back and hella confused. But, one thing that almost made this whole chapter bad to me. Would have been if Shin was 100% after this chapter. But, Hara is a good author so he didn’t do that. It was funny seeing everyone’s reaction to him. I love that Ten is a little sister happy to see her brother back. This just shows how amazing this unit is. As soon as his command said time to get ready for battle. They all were ready for war.

Talk with Sister

Bruh Kyoukai is a lowkey one of the most underrated lowkey Tsunderes. You can’t just casually say that I would die for a man and say that you don’t like him. It is a fact that she and her husband will end up together. Shin has Kyoukai’s sister approval and jealousy. But, she still loves and cares for her so I am happy that I got to see that.

One Bads and Two Goods

Well the one bad was obvious. But, I am happy that she wasn’t a vegetable or anything. Seeing her in that state would have destroyed me. But, that didn’t happen and we got two pieces of good news that we won’t know till later. Which could have been that she will achieve both of her dreams. But, we won’t know till later as she wakes and forgets.

Kyoukai Is Back

I just love this panel with her in Shin’s arms. Saying that it wasn’t much. This just shows that Shin has to f*ck her after all of this. This is my only gripe with both of their characters. But, I will let it slide as both of them. Only because I know how both of them grew up. So I am okay with their reason for no love. But, it still is amazing how they did it.

Shin IQ increase

It might just be me. But, it seems that Shin got a little bit of an IQ increase. It might just be me I always saw Shin as a person that was like Moubu. So it is good that we see that he has a little bit of an increase in the future.

Mouten and Ouhon

I like that the three really care for one another. As hearing that he might have fallen. That would have probably devastated them also. But, I like how they saw that Shin got the biggest feat this arc. They way they said so you beat him. I really like that. Also Shin has the most feats this arc. Killing Houken was big enough. But, hell I might make him a great general already.

Qin has Won

Riboku has made a full retreat of all of the wings. Meaning that Qin despite all of the odds. Despite no food, multiple characters dying, the death and revival of Shin. They won, it was a long fought battle and I feel sorry for Kanki(not really) as this man might really die facing all of Riboku’s remaining forces at once. This was a great war and I am really interested in what will happen in the next chapter.

Final Thoughts

I am still a little bit wary of the revival. But, I will let it slide this one time. As this series doesn’t have as many plot holes as One Piece. So I will hold it off because of that. But, I really enjoyed this chapter and everything that they did in this. Thanks to Sense Scans & Turnip Farmers for giving us this Kingdom greatness and until next time, be great my A&M people.

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