3 Non-Anime Stuff I Do

You know Friday I treated it like it was an off day. As I had a Kingdom post already ready for that day and I really was ready for a huge anime binge. But, I saw my PS4 controller and I played the f*ck out of the game the Witcher 3. As when I started playing this game, I was just lost in the world and everything. I know that it is an older game but, man was it worth the play through. Making me think man, What are some non anime things that I do. So that is why this post came to be.

Play Gwent/Games

As I was so caught up in Witcher 3 and Gwent was one of the most fun games that I ever played. As I loved the mechanics enough to make it to the tournament and have so much fun playing it. I realized I messed up after collecting all the cards and making it to the tournament. I saw the sunrise and I was like F. I realized that I had to take a three hour car ride home and I was done for the whole day.

Also I will make a post on this in the future. But, I played Little Busters the VN. Boy that was emotional, heartfelt and difficult. Then I realized that that was only one route. I have so much time and energy invested in this game that I have to give it GOAT status. Even though I never played Clannad and Steins Gate. But this is gonna be for a future post.

Watching Sports

Fun fact if you didn’t know this was originally a sports blog. But, I realized that I wanted to incorporate anime in it. So I did and really anime has taken over this blog. I try to post something once a year. Supporting my Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins. But, it just feels weird now talking about them when this blog now is mainly anime and manga. But, I still try to include it up there.


I like to write. At college you can see me just typing up a storm of nonsense. But, one day I will send it to a editor and who knows. It can be the next game of thrones.Wondering my genre it is politics and war. So just know that that is my favorite style to write.

Final Thoughts

This is the last goof post. I am home with the highest wifi in the lands. My PS4 is locked away in my dorm. And I have a humongous list of anime and manga to read. So get ready for some amazing posts this week. Including the Shinobu and Araragi greatness post. So Until Next time, be great my A&M people.

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