Survival Game Done Right | Darwin’s Game 2 to 7 Review

I really am finally enjoying Spring Break and what a better way to start. As I finally caught up to this anime of Darwin’s game. I have to admit that this anime is very enjoyable to me. As this series is one that at first gave me a Dead Tube vibe. But, now I say that it is its own series. (Note I have not seen Future Diary in its entirety). But, this Treasure Hunt Arc has my full attention. So let’s talk about it.

The Game

The Game is very simple at first. As you fight a person and the only way to win is to kill them or for them to surrender. As this game once you enter it I is life or death. So that is what I thought at first. But, then the Treasure Hunt Arc came and the way that people are thinking. Using their sigel to the best of their ability. Using certain cameras and angles to find out which room the character is in. The way that this game forces you to use your mind to its best ability to survive. It is so fun and creative how it is in anime.

The Main Character

The main character who looks generic as hell. Is one that interests me. As we saw how he entered this game. As to this day he has not killed once in this series. But, I was able to defeat two legends and another character that I am really interested in. But, his Sigel of creation is one that is not overpowered but, very unique. Seeing the way that he thinks about things around him and finds a way to win. I just like characters that use their brains.


I love this power system. In general I love power systems where you can be creative as hell with them. As this does have hunter hunter vibes. As it didn’t state it. But, Sigels are powers that look like they are based on the characters. But, the powers that are used in this anime are so fun and limitless. It can be a pure lie detector to a whole atom reading/ projecting the future. I love the power system as it is based on matchups.

Like how the plant sigel man was seen as overpowered. Able to take on everyone and take control of their minds. But, then after seeing this man get destroyed by a fire user. It was amazing to see the match was a problem. As you see Shuka’s power is pure death in open areas. But, put into a thoughtful trap it can even be stopped. This is one of the most interesting things that I have seen in this and I love it. This is only the first arc two and there’s so much more to explore. I can’t wait man.

The Treasure Hunt Arc

Now from the beginning of this arc. To the point that we are now has just been entertaining as hell. From the moment that you are trapped in a huge plant trap hotel. Then, you are stuck force to make partnerships in order to survive. Then to make allies with the very man you aimed to take down. Then you are rooting for this guy as he is fighting the Eighth Clan with everything that he has left. Knowing that his past and seeing his daughter wake up as soon as she passes. I felt that I was like this man is a very good character that left an impression on me. Seeing this whole arc that has not even finished made me realize how much I love this anime.

The Eighth Clan

You know how anime has gangs and stuff in their series. I really like this one. Not meaning I like the characters. I just mean that I really like that the top three aren’t totally stupid. As the way that they all move and the way that they are smart in finding all of these things. I have to commend them in their pursuit. Like having one of the top two stay outside. While the other was inside being a tank. They are one of those gangs that I hope stay in the future arcs. As they are top rivals to the main group.

The Group

Also I like how the group formed. All in one arc not having one of their own episodes. I like the way that the lie detector guy was ready to murder. But, it didn’t cause the fight. I love the way that the girl has a split personality and she wished that her dead brother would come back. Which can set up a very emotional episode in the future once they defeat this game. As she might have to let him go. I love the Analyst Girl. Which would have been my power of choice if I had to choose. Then seeing the way that they complement one another. I see this group as one that is built for the future.

The Couple that is Forming

I love the relationship that these two are having in this anime. As in most anime you know how they are. Either drag it on till the end of the series. Or just never have it at all. But, I like that the two have already kissed. They both are honest with one another. They really ride or die for one another. So I am really interested in them.

Best Girl

Overpowered, loyal as hell, crazy in love with the main character, and the same voice actor as Akane from SSSS.Gridman. Need I say more.


I can’t wait to see how this anime ends as there are only 4 episodes left. I feel like this arc will end the anime. But, I plan to read the manga afterwards. As the games and everything that we have learned in this world so far. Next stop is In/Spectre so until next time, be great my A&M people.

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