I Love This Girl | In/Spectre Episode 1 to 7 Thoughts

Monogatari, that is the very first thing that I thought of when watching this anime. As I was watching I realized that this story has heavy dialogue. Which can make or break a story depending on the characters. As if you don’t have compelling characters you can’t make me enjoy the anime as a whole. But, you give me this anime which has the best girl of Winter 2020. So let me talk about this interesting mystery tale with amazing characters.

Story So Far

This anime is a tale of ghost and solving cases in that world while also helping the real world. As our main characters Kotoko Iwanaga and Kurou solve these cases in this world. One thing that I love about this series though is the conversations that this anime is having. I love the bicker back and forth between them as they solve these cases.

I love the connection that they and even Saki have with them. They are stuck on this one case that looks like it will carry till the end. As they are solving the case of the big boob ghost. (Note that everyone in the anime has made a comment on that). Which is harder the more you get into the case. So I can’t wait to see how this concludes.

Best Girl

Kotoko is the best girl of Winter 2020. The only person that can even come close is Shinobu of Chihayafuru. Knowing how much I love Chihayafuru, that is very high praise coming from me. As this girl from the beginning saw Kurou and had a crush on him. Then when she got the chance to. She immediately hit on him and made him hers. Thus making them a couple on her choice entirely. But, not only that, she just has some of the best dialogue in the anime. Like the way that she comments randomly on how she is deflowered(not really) and talking about the boobs of the big boob ghost.

I just love her character. I love how she acts and how she can be serious at times. While still having that funny charisma to her. She is just an amazing character overall and the main reason that I love this anime so much. Like to be honest, this could have been a school anime and I would have still watched it cause of my love for her. Kotoko is the best girl and if you have any questions for this anime, just know that her character is worth it.

Ex Girlfriend

Now speaking of good characters. I love the cop Saki. As she is the ex-girlfriend of Kurou and broke up with him because of him being not human. Which can be scary at first. But, you can see that she still loves him dearly. She just couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that her boyfriend is something out of this world. When she was originally in a world that had nothing unordinary.

I love the back and forth between her and Kotoko as just seeing them go back and forth in the anime is priceless. I love their characters. With everything that they have done this season I have to say that in another world they would be some amazing friends. But, because they love the same man. But, man I love how they are like a little and big sister that pull pranks and hit one another. Their dynamic is amazing and I love it.

Now This Couple

I understand that Kurou is a little bit emotionless. But, he also does care for Kotoko. As there are moments that he shows deep care. Like the scene in the hotel that was just a moment of him waiting for her to put herself together before a guest arrived. Or just following her to make sure that she is safe. But, then you have moments where she is just clinging to him like a crazy person. It’s just funny how she just claims that he was her boyfriend until he accepted it.

Big Boob Ghost

Note once again I love the way that everyone made some type of comment about her breast. Even before her passing she got her job. Only because the president saw her and said those things have to be seen by the entire world. I love that Kotoko was casually talking about them this whole arc. I love that this anime just keeps making me love this series more and more. Man, I love this anime.

Detective Work

This was actually an aspect of the anime that I really enjoyed. As seeing all of the thoughts and process that the police go through in this. Seeing how they use deductive processing in it. I loved every moment when the detectives talked about it. I love going deeper into the investigation and making my own hypothesis and everything else.

That Ending Is Fire

I love this ending with all my heart and soul. This has that nice jazz beat and just seeing the main couple dance is amazing in it. Also Kotoko looks amazing in it.

Final Thoughts

Note: Very interested in her character

This anime is one that is gonna stick with me once it is over. I really love the Monogatari style of talking in this series. As I really can see them in a room talking for hours. Which very few series have captured me like that. But, this is a fun watch and one that made me fall in love with this girl Kotoko. Once again thanks for reading this as right now I am catching up to anime crazy. While also finally catching up to the Promised Neverland. Which I am gonna hold back on for now. But things are going crazy. Until then, be great my A&M people.

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