The 7 Kings Of Shonen Jump 2019

For the longest time I have always heard of the big three. That being One Piece, Naruto, and Bleach. As seeing them over the time dominate and be great together was one hell of a ride. But, once Naruto fell and then Bleach. There was never another collective of series that came but never hit like that. As the way that series are built now and how it is made in this new era of Jump. There are too many good shows to narrow them down to three is near impossible. While also these 7 that I came up with are all interchangeable and not dominataly in the top three like the originals. So I made this as a why not list. So here is a fun list that I made introducing the big 7 or what I like to call the 7 Kings of Shonen Jump.

Note I based this list on the collective of sales, popularity, story, and the growth of the series. While also factoring what the series has done for jump. So age will also play a factor in these rankings. Also people vouge for some of these series that is why they are higher than others.

Up Next For the Throne

Spy X Family– This series will attain a spot on the throne soon. As the three main characters are lovable. This series is one that is here to stay and one to stay for a very long time.

Act Age– I have not read this series yet. But, I can tell that it is special. From the people that I have heard praise this series I know that once it gets an anime adaptation. It might just take the throne.

Chainsaw Man– This is a series that I am very skeptical about. As I read part of the first chapter and didn’t really enjoy it. But, from a person I have gone back and forth with I will give it a chance. So shout out to you Josh I will reread chapter one.

The Out Of Commision King :Hunter Hunter

We all know that this series would be a top two maybe even one. As this series with its constant hiatus has made me give it this. So that technically makes number 7 king an interim king.

The Interim King: Dr. Stone

This series with the anime that just came out was amazing. It has enjoyable characters. Where we are in the series right now is very fun. While the character of Senku just keeps me more and more interested.

The 6 God King: Black Clover

If this was totally biased on my bais. This would be in the top three. But, I have to say that this series. After the Elf Invasion Arc has been amazing. It might have started out a little bit unoriginal. But, now I feel like it has built itself into something special.

The 5th King or 1st Prince: My Hero Academia

I don’t like this series for multiple reasons. But, I will not deny its greatness. As this series filled the shoes that Naruto left behind. While jumping in as the next successor to Jump. If One Piece were to end soon.

The Young 4th King: Demon Slayer

This series has made waves on social media. Rising in sales that are greater than One Piece. This series took over 2019 as the best anime. It’s crazy what a solid series given to an elite anime studio can do. As I wish the same could have been done to Black Clover.

The 3rd King or Sports King: Haikyuu

I need to watch this series. As the way people are hyping this series so much. I really want to begin this. The reason I gave the third crown to Haikyuu is because of it consistently. As I feel like this series has constantly been in Shonen Jump and has not faltered.

The 2nd King or The Promise King: Promised Neverland

The second crown goes to the Promised Neverland. As from the beginning this series was special. This series has never put me down to the current chapter that we are at. The plotlines, the back and forth, everything that this series has done is amazing.

The Undefeated King: One Piece

One Piece, you may have losted in sales, you might have declined in quality, and a little bit of writing. But, you have still managed to be great and build an empire in Shonen Jump standing to this day. As Even in the previous era of the big three you stood tall. Now you still stand as part of the Seven Kings of Jump.

Final Thoughts

This list was stupid. As really there can never be a great series or a group of series that stand above the rest. As other publishers have risen. Other genres have blossomed. New series will keep growing and some like the Promised Neverland, Demon Slayer, and Haikyuu are all entering their final arcs and will soon end. Also this list will never be defined as the big three. As the way that Jump is moving unless your series is special like these kings. You will not be able to stand at the top like these guys and get axed quickly.

So tell me your thoughts on the list as I know I didn’t include Detective Conan and Hajime No Ippo so that will make some people mad. But, this whole list is just a fun way to promote my new series coming March 1. Called Shonen Sundays as I am catching up to all of these series except (Boku No Hero and Haikyuu) this vacation I have. While also So look forward to my thoughts every week. So until next time be great my A&M people.

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