The GOAT Returns | 29 to JK Chapter 20 Thoughts

I can’t believe it. After so long of a wait. Fallen Angels stopped doing it, no other person or group has done it. So I thought that I would have to learn japanese to read this series. Until yesterday on reddit a person that goes by the twitter handle @kyuusarii finally translated this amazing series. I straight up shed a tear a little as this is still to me one of the most underrated manga in anime. Enough waterworks time to talk about this chapter briefly.

Eiji is Back

It feels good to have this man back. After so f**king long. I didn’t even think that this series would come back. I was in the dark, unaware that this series would ever return. But, he is back and ready to take down his boss after assaulting one of his employees. But, there is a catch as he is still low in rank at his business.


This man was famed to be the mole. On some bull to which makes me really mad. Not even the president would back him. That is messed up. This man was terminated and lost his job. This man is the best worker in the industry and lost it because of doing the right thing.

F*ck This Guy

I remember in an earlier chapter how you would talk about your wife and kids. On how much you love them. But, on the side you take your employees on something you would never want to see happen to your children. This guy is a sickf*ck and a dirty player in the game. As he then lied to get the man ready to end his career. This man is one of my most hated characters in history. Like this is the definition of two faced. This is the reason we want Enji at the top man. I know he hates to do it. But, come on man he is someone with enough power that he can make an empire in a month.


I really don’t know what is gonna happen next. Will the president do something? Will he join the other company? Will he do something even I can’t think of. I don’t know where this story can go. But, I can’t wait. Also I need to know about what happened to Karen after her rejection.

Final Thoughts

I am so happy that this is finally getting translated again. If you want to support them follow @kyuusarii at twitter or help out with paypal as I am gonna support this as much as I can. Once again thanks @kyuusarii for translating this and that to everyone that read this quick review. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

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