Time to Capture Gyou | Kingdom Manga Chapter 633 “Two from Ten” Review

Time to capture Gyou and General Ousen is ready to capture. Kanki is back in the picture. Riboku is in full get Gyou mode. Gyou is revolting. The key to the whole war that has taken nearly three whole years of reading from chapter 500. This is crazy that we are finally almost done with this arc.

Revolution In Gyou

Kanki’s and Ousen’s plan are working in full effect. As the plan to flood Gyou and have people revolt in the series is amazing. Seeing that all of the people going crazy shows the genius of Ousen. This man really has a million IQ when it comes to war. No one is better than this man.

Kanki Is Back

I hate this man. But, I gotta give him respect. This man knows that the whole Zhou army is coming to him. He acts clam as always with that devil’s smile. I don’t know what is gonna happen to him this arc. As he will have to hold off Riboku Until Ousen comes. But,

Two of Ten Plan

This plan is smart and another great power move to the general Ousen. As this man over and over again dominated to the status that he is at now. The plan to have two of the most healthy and best men out of ten. It is crazy as it reduces the army. But, it is smart to have speed and stamina for this.

I am kinda worried that Shin, Ouhon, and Moten joined Osen’s side. While also a little sad that Kyoukai had to stay behind. But, man this is gonna be a hell of a conclusion to this battle. Will Riboku fall or will the Zhou dominate and station in Gyou. This is where everything is leading to as this final arc is gonna be crazy man.

Final Thoughts

This was an amazing chapter that shows that we are near the end. I can’t wait to see what happens next and will Riboku have one more trick up his sleeve. What will be next for the group and the future of this war. Finally who will be the owner of Gyou. Thanks to Sense Scans Turnip Farmers for giving us this Kingdom greatness. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

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