Shinobu & Araragi | A Bond Stronger Than Love

Shinobu and Araragi have a relationship that is more than love. It is more than familia love, best friends, or even lovers. It is one of the greatest bonds that two people can share in fiction and because of this I have wanted to make a post about it. A couple weeks ago I made a top couples list. While writing it I was thinking of Monogatari. I started thinking about what Shinobu is to Arari and him to her. As their relationship went from one of pure hatred for one another. To become people who cannot live without one another.

Their relationship is too great to even comprehend. As seeing their love and care for one another. Seeing their relationship develop and seeing the bond that they made over the Monogatari Franchise. Made me see them as inseparable and just seeing Nisio Isin’s masterpiece of writing, care, and love for the two characters of this series. I love the two so much that I have had this project ready for a while. So much that it has taken months to form. So I want to shed light today on their amazing bond and why the relationship between Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade and Koyomi Araragi is the strongest in fiction.

Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade

Kiss-Shot is a deep character in her own right. As in the start of the Kizu films, she finally had enough of her life and decided to finally die. But, when she finally was there on the brink of death. She was afraid. She was afraid of many things, like what would happen to her, afraid of the past that she never made peace with. She was suffering in her last dying breath. Crying and screaming for food. Then a young, scared, and frightened boy came to her and changed her world forever.

Koyomi Araragi

When he met her and she gave up on dying. Seeing her struggle and fight for her own life. Araragi felt pity for her. Even though she was a creature that he could not understand covered in blood and missing limbs. As she was screaming, crying, and begging to eat him. He gave his lif to her. Just imagine how kind of a person Araragi had to be at this moment.

This man Araragi, was so kind of a person. That after a lot of deep thoughts. Even running away and trying to forget it. He finally caved in and willingly gave his life to her. Not knowing the consequences of his actions towards giving this person her life back. Having the mindset that he would die this day he willingly gave it to this oddity that he had only met for a moment.

Passing the torch of Kindness

Seeing the kindness of this man. Which was something that Kiss-Shot has never received in her life as a vampire. She decided not to kill him. But, made him her second vampire in her history. Following only her love. Bringing him into the world of darkness. To her it was kind but to him it was a world not for him. So he asked if he can become a human once again. She said yes and promised to do it. Knowing that it will kill her. But, she didn’t tell him that.

Leading into their Battle

After she made Araragi help her get to full strength. She made a plan to make sure that he would kill her. So that he can once again become human. But, before that she wanted to know as much as she could about the man that she would give her life for. After sending him off, she ate a human in front of him and made him want to kill her seeing her as inhuman. Despite a couple minutes earlier he saw her as a friend. After some alone time with Hanekawa him and Shinobu would have their fight. Leading to their epic fight but, in Kiss-Shot’s mind he was acting all according to plan. It ended with Araragi beating her and being left with a choice.

The Decision

As Kiss-Shot lay on the ground ready to die. She gave him a choice. Either kill her and become human. While also giving her her wish of death. Or let her live with her having to kill once again. While leaving himself a vampire and his first friend Hanekawa to be killed by her. Furious at the two choices and the kindness of Araragi. He forced a third option through his ally Meme.

Forming their Bond

He then calls Meme and makes a plan so that he and her don’t have to die for one another. But, live together as one. Kiss-Shot would be a shell of her former self that lives forever with Araragi. Never being able again to eat humans but only feed on Araragi’s blood. While Araragi will never become human. But, a human with some traits of a vampire. Forming this bond, they will be together for eternity until one wants to kill the other. But, neither do so they can live and suffer together with this pain and guilt.


They went from a relationship where Kiss-Shot who is now named Shinobu would not even speak a word to him. For what he did to her during the day. Not until several months later in Bakemonogatari. After Shinobu wanted Araragi to find her when she was just annoyed with him. To then in Nisemonogatari to have their relationship in talking terms slowly but surely growing their relationship with one another. To the point of a once everlasting curse to become an unbreakable bond that each other now would refuse to live without.

Shinobu’s Other Self

This moment always gives me chills as Shinobu sees another version of herself. If she never gave in and opened her heart to Araragi. It was just a bone chilling moment seeing both of them cry blood. Then seeing the alternate Shinobu ask for one thing as death would only bring her peace. Was a pat on the head from the man that she wished she open her heart to. Seeing this arc made their relationship the strongest that it can be. From this point on I believe that they didn’t mind being with one another till the end of time. As finally their hell became some form of heaven.


Their first kiss was something that when I saw it. I realized that they both love one another with a passion. But, it is not like the way that Araragi loves Senjougahara. Neither is it the way that Araragi loves his sisters. It’s something that I can’t really describe but, it is greater than both combine. It was funny as for a second even if it was for a single second. Shinobu let herself enjoy the kiss until snapping back to reality.

Their Dynamic

They goof around all the time. As they can fight over donuts, talk about life in general, and just chill in the bathtub together. But, when one is in danger the other one will fight against the world for that person. We see this in Shinobu and Araragi multiple times in the story. As they would not have any other way, but to die with one another as one.

Refuse to Live without One Another

One scene that always makes me love their relationship more. Is the scene in Owarimonogatari as you see Shinobu when she woke up and found out that Araragi was dead she was prepared to kill Gaen and most likely destroy the whole world. As her life without Araragi would just be meaniless. As she was free from his shackles and would not have a reason to live anymore. As she finally found one with Araragi for eternity. There are plenty of moments in this anime that show their bond. But, if I can sum up why they care for one another so much. Is because of this final scene in Owarimonogatari 2nd Season with that scene.

That Scene

I just wanted to talk about a scene that really moved me and sums up their bond in two minutes. One that still gives me goose bumps to this day everytime I watch it. That is the one of the final scenes of Owarimongatari and that being the Shinobu and Araragi reunite scene. As these two everything that they have been through together in the Kizumonogatari masterpiece films to the little things like their first kiss Monogatari second season.

As these two have been through hell and back with one another. Through it all they have a chance to live their live free seperate again. But, neither would want that as the bond that was once formed by pity was now formed by love. Making them anime’s strongest bond, one that is stronger than love.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading this as I will be honest after putting this much effort time and energy into this. I have to truly say that their bond, love, care, or whatever they have for one another. It is stronger than any relationship that I can think of in anime. They will clearly die for one another. They know everything about one another. Shinobu and Araragi at this point are never gonna lie for one another(unless it involves donuts). They will die together and live in hell for eternity together. So they truly are a bond stronger than love.

This is probably the hardest post that I have worked on my blog ever. As this took a lot of research a lot of tears rewatching the masterpiece of Monogatari. While also writing this post that took me to write since September. Wow I procrastinate alot. But thanks for reading the long and time consuming post. I wish you all luck and until next time, be great my A&M people.

3 thoughts on “Shinobu & Araragi | A Bond Stronger Than Love

  1. Shinobu and Araragi’s relationship is just amazing. I like how you captured just how unique it is!

    I think your post hast me convinced to rewatch the series. I’ve found a few posts that lay out the timeline, so I think it might be fun to rewatch them in chronological order within that universe — kinda the way you laid out their relationship!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah the first time I watched it I love their dynamic. But then watching that final scene that I put in the beginning. Made me see their relationship as something special.

      I highly recommend rewatching. Especially the Kizumonogatari movies. As upon rewatching I noticed a lot of things that I didn’t before.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I literally rewatched the whole franchise just to see their relationship again, would 100% watch again some time in the future


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