3 GOAT Series!!! | 3 Series I Picked Up Recently EP. 3

It is kinda funny. I had planned to have this series to use this series in a way that I don’t have to make a full post to them. But, after watching and reading these three. I have decided to dedicate a full post for all of these series. Especially number one as it now is in my top 5 manga of all time. I was really shocked when I read it all in one night. But, then I also watched an anime that really hit home with me. While also watching another anime that made me love something that I never thought that I loved before.

Now the rules for this is that I start off with a paragraph that is spoiler free. Then I have a spoiler talk section. But, this time number one, I will not have a spoiler section. As I feel like saying anything about it will ruin the big reveal in the first ten chapters. So let’s talk about these amazing series.

3) Smile Down The Runway (Episode 1-3)

I just watched the first runway of this anime. And I am gonna say this right now, if you love sports anime you will love this show. If you love an underdog story you will love this show. If you are interested in the fashion industry (which I was not until watching this) you will love this show. It stars a duo of two highschool students as they pursue their passion in the fashion industry. They are both underdogs as the main character Chiyuki is too short to be in the industry. While her friend Ikuto has never gone to design school and is a amtuer at his craft. It is a fun watch and one thing that amazed me is how social media plays a big factor in this anime.


But seeing them pursue their dreams and passions I have to show love to that. I love how Ikuto when he finally got the push to pursue his dream. Was never backing down. Screaming at the top of his lungs to a guy in a dress. Who is also his boss. Letting him know that he is here to stay. What he did at the runway to make the dress fit Chiyuki. It took a lot of time and effort, but he made the day go well.

Seeing Chiyuki never backing down despite everyone telling her that she will never make it. I love her character and how in the 3rd episode she broke the two huge rules of runway model in her first. I love this series and I might cover it once I catch up to it. So be prepared for that in the future. This is an amazing anime and I have to thank Red for recommending me this anime. As I had so much fun watching the first three that I had to write about it.

Side Note from Future Dez: I am caught up to the anime now and it is amazing.


Now it is very rare that an anime hits me hard. This anime is one that hit me with a reality check hard as f*ck. This anime made my emotions and the way that I perceive my life different. Let me let you know this right now this is not some sad emotional anime. But, it is an anime that if you are in college like me and you are a little bit lonely like most. This will hit you. As all of the characters are well written and real as hell. Like I will say this now this is the GOAT tier. Like I heard that it gets better in season two and I am wondering how can this story get better. Just know that I love this story and will be watching season two and three when it comes out in April.


Now the main character of Hachiman. This man is probably one of the most relatable characters to me in fiction. Like the closest anime character to me is always Hanekawa, but when you have this character say and do things that I go constantly. I do that all of the time. I think that all the time. This character is me. Hachiman is a GOAT of a character and I really can’t put him into words. Also Hina is amazing the yoai fan. Who I enjoy more than most. While also having the club that gives me Medaka Box vibes. I love this series so much that it will also get its own post with the three anime here. As all of these are so great that I can’t leave them in a 3SIPUR post.

1) Bastard Manwha (Completed 1-94)

I never knew a series could hit to the degree that Bastard hit. I read this and after the plot twist when you find out why everything is happening. You are in for one of the most suspenseful and thrilling rides that you will ever be with a series. As the main character is one that the more you read the more you feel for this character. While this manhwa has given birth to possibly my new favorite girl in fiction. I will not say anything further, but, know that this is now my 4th favorite manga all time. This might even raise in the future. This manga is that good and the story is one that I can say is a masterpiece. I say read this going in blind as this is a trip once you get to that panel.

Final Thoughts

Expect separate posts for all of these. Especially for the series of Bastard. This is one of the most loaded 3 series that I have done for this series. I still can’t wait to go more in depth in all of these series. Also this marks the day that I have finally completed a daily post for a month so I am happy. Let’s GO!!!! Until next time, be great to my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “3 GOAT Series!!! | 3 Series I Picked Up Recently EP. 3

  1. Love SNAFU, and I can’t wait for the new season!

    Hachiman has a very similar feel to Koyomi Araragi, only Koyomi doesn’t have as much of a “loner” feel because he is the unreliable narrator of his own story. In reality they tend to solve problems the same way and think very similarly too, although Koyomi goes through a lot of change fairly quickly so we don’t see his cynical side as much.. mostly just in the Kizumonogatari movies when he first meets and chats with Tsubasa.

    Also Yui is just adorable, I wish I had a friend like her!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here season one was something to remember. As he does give a similar feel to Araragi in the Kizu films like you said. As Yui has a Hanekawa feel in the Kizu films. Also Yui is amazing and such an amazing friend. I am planning to hope into season 2 today so I can’t wait to see what happens next.

      Liked by 1 person

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