Celebration? | [UNFILTERED A&M #18]

Well for the first time ever in my blog I completed a full month with a daily post. While capping the month off with the best post on my blog I believe in the Shinobu & Araragi post. Which after I procrastinated for so long. I finally made it. I am proud of it as it defines my love for the monogatari series. Now what am I doing next? Well after that month of daily posting it comes like second nature to me to make a post. So now I am still gonna try to post daily. But, I will not guarantee it.

But, I just wanted to talk about what should come next. I probably have to talk about the rankings at my menu bar. That being the top ten anime and manga. While also talking about the Waifu Hall of Fame. Which should have been out months ago. But, I procrastinate as usual. Cause Shonen Jump Sunday was supposed to be today also. But, I finally made it back to the college today and had to settle down.

Enough of this gibberish here are the plans in list for this month:

Harley Quinn Cartoon Review

Anime Review:





Manga Thoughts/Review:


29 to JK


The Promised Neverland


Random Other Things:


These are the plans. But, if you know me and plans I can’t guarantee it. But, I will try my hardest. I am happy that I made February a good month and hope to have many more and keep growing. Also shout out to the people that read this cause this is just talking nonsense most of the time. Until next time be great my A&M people.

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