I Like Ram | Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Director’s Cut 1 to 3 Thoughts

Note I have already watched this anime in its entirety and everything that I will be talking about is stuff that I missed in the previous episode. This might say 3 episodes but this is really like 6 episodes. But, if you wondered if so far if anything changed. I would say that nothing really changed from the previous anime so far. Except so longer pauses compared to the ones that I thought of previously. Also I really dislike the character of Subaru as of now. I hope that this rewatch helps me understand his character more.

Note I Don’t Dislike Emilia Anymore

Beforehand I really didn’t like Emillia post episode 18 of the original anime. But, this time around I really tried to see why Subaru liked her so much and I can understand now that I have seen them. I really am trying to understand Subaru. But, I see him right now as a little bit narcissistic and seeing the world revolving around him. Which is hilarious as I really started to like Emillia’s character. Seeing what she has done in this anime and everything that she

I Need More of Elsa “Bowel Hunter” Granhiert

I remember seeing her in the beginning of the anime. Not really remembering that much except her being the first to kill Subaru. But, upon rewatching I truly remember how sadistic and hot this woman is. I hope we get a chance to see her again in season two. But until then, I am happy to see her character again in all of her glory.


Also One thing that I want to say before I go into the mansion is about this man. This man is just the definition of big **** energy. Like just the way that he walks and talks is like he is that guy. As that fight between him and Elsa was just a flex for him so I can’t wait to see more of that in the second season.

Beatrice is still amazing

I just wanted to say that she is my favorite character in this anime. That still stands in the rewatch also. As her and her amazing lines with Subaru are amazing. One thing that I picked up though is how Subaru easily found her library that is supposedly always changing in the mansion. But, somehow she was able to find it. Note I am keeping a close eye on her cause I feel as if she knows more than she is letting on.

I Like Ram Pre Rem Best Girl

Note I remember now that I really did like Ram more than Rem in the pre timeskip. As her and Subaru had a fun dynamic until Rem came and stole the hearts of many. But, I love her laziness and everything that she has done in this anime. Especially the scene with her coming to Subaru’s room at night and Subaru was expecting some s*x. But, he ended up with some lessons on reading and writing the language of the people.

Rem Was Very Skeptical Beforehand

Spoiler Alert for episode 4 on. But, I understand now why Rem killed Subaru. As this man had the smell of a demon repeatedly. Especially after he got bit by that dog. So having that along with the smell of the witch on him. Rem was not only skeptical of that, but seeing how starge he acted beforehand. Also saying things that he remember in the past that Rem would say. I would not blame her for thinking that she is a spy. Also I realized this Rem is a little bit of a psychopath and I love her all the more.

Everyone Thought Subaru Was A Spy

Man not only Rem. But, Ram and Roswaal were in on it before. They might have killed him in Rem’s place. Then you have Beatrice that is always wary of him or not because of her powers. Even Emillia gave herself a fake name because of her suspicions of him. Subaru is lucky that he has that power and he was put in the care of Emiila and Roswaal. Cause he would have gotten torture in a ever lasting loop or something else crazy.

Final Thoughts

Well rewatching this made me love and hyped for the future. While seeing the lineup in the future. I am really happy to see that memory snow episode in the future. Also this anime and all of the stuff that is hidden cause of the history is amazing. One thing that I can appreciate thought is what made this anime so amazing in the past. I can’t wait to see the one see that better be in the director’s cut or I will riot. Until then, be great my A&M people.

4 thoughts on “I Like Ram | Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- Director’s Cut 1 to 3 Thoughts

    1. Note I say that Beatrice is the best character. Not best girl. But, I still love her all the same. Also agreed, she has to be in the next season more cause of her lack in the second half.

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  1. “Subaru is lucky that he has that power and he was put in the care of Emiila and Roswaal. Cause he would have gotten torture in a ever lasting loop or something else crazy.”

    Wow! I hadn’t thought of that. You’re absolutely right…

    I’m going to have to make time to watch the director’s cut with that thought in mind!

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