I Blew My First Real Job Interview | [UNFILTERED A&M #19]

Me Right Now

I would talk about the house I blew my first real job interview. But, I feel like talking about something else so who are the my top 5 candidates for best girl of 2020 and two words about them.

Best Girl Of Winter Candidates

Random Meme

Kokoto (In/Spectre): Best Girl

Ram (Re:Zero) : Not Rem

Rein (Darwin’s Game): Hacker

Meidri (Interspecies Reviewers): Bird Girl

Kokoro (Runway de Waratte): Overpowered

Final Thoughts

Be prepared for your job interview. Also don’t lay in bed all day playing Crusader Kings 2 after you bomb it. Sorry for the lazy post just really wanted to keep the streak going. I’ll talk about the interview another time. Until then, be great my A&M people.

8 thoughts on “I Blew My First Real Job Interview | [UNFILTERED A&M #19]

  1. Sorry to hear that the interview didn’t go well. If it makes you feel any better, in my experience the first interview is always kind of a mess when you’re job searching. Even once you’ve been working for awhile and have more experience with doing them.

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    1. Thanks man I needed that. Cause I have only had one job before this one and my interview for that was them saying I have the job and sign this paperwork. So when I was asked all these questions I was lost.

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      1. I can empathize with that. I was searching for a job last year and it had been awhile since the last time I’d had to do a job interview, so the first one I went to I over prepared for and I wound up being really stiff and weird. Then they asked a question that I hadn’t prepared for and my brain went completely blank. I wound up giving a really awkward and emotional response to what was a pretty simple question. I was very embarrassed at the time, but the interviews I had after that one all went way better. I’m sure, now that you have a better idea of what to expect, you’ll have an easier time in the next interview. Good luck!

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      2. Thanks very much for the luck. Yeah now that I had it I can actually prepare for another one and I realized that now. I also realized that I needed to work on some more things like building a better resume. Now I am a little bit more ready for another interview.

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  2. CK2? My man! I’m currently playing through a comfy game as the duke of Provence, 769 start date. After a rocky start I’ve got the entire duchy and a couple other counties, ready to cash in now with the crusading era just beginning.

    How’s your game going?

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    1. Actually I just got into the game last week after someone told me about it. But, I am in the tutorial right now. I killed both my brothers and own 50% of Spain right now. I am on my third bloodline. But, I kinda srewed myself cause my current king decide to have 4 boys(7 kids in total). But, I will say after I got the hang of it cause for me it was a really rocky start. I had so much fun with the game.

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      1. Yeah when you have gavelkind succession with lots of kids it gets messy real quick, but if you can change that to Seniority and then eventually Primogeniture / Ultimogeniture then it’s useful to have a ton of kids and just marry them off to other high class people. Secures you non-aggression pacts and potential alliances, and down the line you might end up getting some territory out of it.

        I think some people just deal with gavelkind by going to war with their siblings everytime, but I prefer to just enact Seniority as soon as possible so there’s no mess.

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      2. Thank you very much for that tip. This is a whole new game to me and I am still going through some rough patches. But, that is a very big help to me.

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