5 Manga That Need An Anime

I remember watching a Gigguk video a while ago and saw that the manga that he put in that video all got adaptations with the exception for one. So I decided to talk about 5 manga that should get an anime and would do well. As series like Vagabond and Sun Ken Rock to me would be too hard to animate. While a story like 29 to JK to me might not transfer well as an anime. So I made this list based on a series that If I was a producer of anime. I know that it will get big. So here are 5 anime that I think deserve an anime.

A Trail Of Blood

Now this series is one that is really suspenseful. As when you read this you are on the edge of your seat every time. But, upon further reading you are in for a lot. So I feel like this would translate as a good horror anime. Which is one type of anime that I feel like deserves an anime a one that if produced good it will be a hit.

Gal Gohan

Now this is a harem done right. It is good at making the story feel real and they try their best to go against the elements. I love the characters and the rivalry in this. Also it hilarious.


Now a vampire manga with actual good vampires. This is completed and the material can be done in one season. As every chapter was amazing. Similar to A Trail Of Blood each episode will leave you on the edge of your seat.


The GOAT, the queen, the best girl in manga right now. Uzaki is just a person that needs to be put on TV. There is nothing else that I want to say to that. I just need this girl in anime and to see her greatness. Note I really love this manga and Uzaki a lot.


This masterpiece needs an anime. Period. I will make a post on this soon. But note that this series is so amazing from the characters to the antagonist who is a top 10 villain all time. With a story that really captured my heart.


Hopefully I am as lucky as Giguuk and these series get the anime that they deserve. I know that there are other series that are guaranteed to get an anime like Komi-san and Spy X Family. But, I basically wrote this if I am a person trying to pitch a series that might never get one or is very new. So I hope you enjoyed my post and until next time, be great my A&M people.

3 thoughts on “5 Manga That Need An Anime

  1. If the day ever comes when Bastard gets an anime, I’ll cry. Like, wow. Just imagine how insane of an adaptation that’d be.

    To compensate for Bastard’s lack of anime, at least another one of my faves, Tower of God, is getting an adaptation! Ngl I cried when I saw the trailer.

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    1. Yeah that Tower Of God anime trailer was amazing. I can’t wait for it. Also I can’t wait for Endorsi to be animated. I hope they are able to anime all of season 1 also.

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      1. Right? I seriously love her character design and I’m doubly happy that the anime seems to be sticking to the manga’s original art style and character designs! After all, the thing that intially drew me to Tower of God were how the characters looked (especially Endorsi hehe).

        Also, I’ve forgotten how much of a smol bean Bam used to look like. The trailer hit some nostalgia funny bones.

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