Berserker Kohei Dodgeball | Grand Blue Chapter 60 “Chestnut Picking” Review

Sometimes I wonder if Iori was high in the beginning of these chapters. Cause I have never been so lost in the purpose of a chapter until today. But, this chapter we had another adventure and I actually talk about some of my problems with the series of Grand Blue. But, lets start off with the positives of the chapter.

Iori is High?

Like I know that Iori sometimes has moments that make me question him. But, this one is one that I was looking at and I seriously thought they were gonna talk about some of that broccoli. Like this man just acted high as a bird in the beginning of this chapter. Then you have the moment when he seems like he was on the munchies. But, I guess the food is so amazing that he acts like this.

Shiori F*cks With Iori

Then, you have Shiori giving a man a drop of water to a thirsty man. Making him even more hungry for that food. I love their dynamic also. I kinda wish she was older just to see her official introduction to PAB. Cause she already went diving but, it would be funny to see her other reaction.

Chestnut Picking

It just funny that after Iori’s b*tching and moaning. Every got together to shut him up. To get chestnuts to make his favorite dish. So now they are randomly chestnut picking. But, the guys lost their clothes to monkeys. Giving us this hilarious panel. Also everyone this chapter was hilarious looking for chestnuts especially when Chisa realized she had a drinking problem.

Berserker Kohei

Bruh this chapter belonged to Kohei the whole time. Like this man was at a whole other level that day. When he went Berserk mode after finding out about the possible engagement with one of his idols. He just lost it. It took the force of the whole PAB to hold him back. Then with the volleyball game this man felt no pain until he finally cooled down. This was one of the most hilarious chapters.

My Problem with Grand Blue

Amazing and Hilarious Panel.

There was a time where this was my favorite manga of all time. It still holds a place deep in my heart. But, after reading these past chapters I came to the realization that this series has no real purpose or end goal. I know that is crazy coming from a Gintama guy. But, I am really thinking how this series can end and the more that I think about it. I see now that it is just a gag manga to me. Personally I saw it as a guide for life and college crazy eough how that sounds. I still love the characters and the comedy is amazing. But, one problem I have with it personally is the progression. Maybe because I am reading it monthly but, some of the chapters feel stagnant compared to the previous chapters.

I still love the chapters but, I just need more of the story. Like Chisa for example after that emotional arc with her mother and everything we went through in that arc. (Which lasted almost a year) I It is just odd that in the next couple chapters she is back to having no feeling for Iori in that mixer chapter. That is just one example but, I just want more progression. So this is dropping in my all time list due to the progression.


Well that is my Grand Blue Review. Sorry to end it on a bad note, but I feel like this series is one that in the beginning hit me cause I was entering college also. I still love the chapter and all of Kohei glory this chapter. But, it might just be me maturing as a reader and seeing the series in a more realistic view. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

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