A Great Story to Never Be Completed | 29 to JK

Now I know I haven’t posted in a while. But, I am back to talk about a manga that was going to be one of my top 10 manga of all time. As this manga ended making you want even more upon its final chapter. As it promoted it light novel and it is the end of the manga said that translation @kyuusarii. As this series ended it ended in a good spot after a major arc. But, a lot of plot points were left on the table that we will never see.

While those are on the table most of us might never get answers unless we learned Japanese and purchase the light novels. Or a miracle happens and this gets a good anime adaptation that gives us this amazing story. Now today’s post is just talking about the potential things that weren’t concluded in the 29 to JK manga. As the final Arc deserve its own personal post for both stories in that arc. So let’s talk about the final thoughts.


GLOBAL is such a big thing and Yariba owes them a HUGE favor for saving his ass. Like I think that arc had so much potential as the President of Global is a very interesting character to me. Like she really gave up over 5,000,000 yen just so Yariba can owe her a favor. Like that is commitment to a man not for lust but, she sees him as the ultimate asset. One of the pillars that when gone makes Global number one.

Writing Arcs

I really wanted to see the journey of Karen becoming one of the greatest authors. Proving to her grandfather that she can achieve her dream if she never gives up and pursues them. Along with a new rival in that Scumbag on the writing side. This side of the story is one that I would have loved to see be expanded on.

Manager Yariba

Finally after rejecting multiple times. Yariba finally accepted a promotion after having no choice. Now he is at a higher level meaning more responsibility. Which makes me wonder what will happen with his team. Also he brought Aya as his right hand. So that duo is together but what about the OG squad, who will be their coach. This is something I sadly might never see.

Final Thoughts

I hope that one day that this can get an anime adaptation. As this is a series that if it got that push I know that it will be great. The characters are amazing. The world of businessmen and the passion that every has to make it to the top is amazing. I love this series. I am just sad that it won’t be continued. It is one that people that read it enjoy. It is one of those series that I love to death.

Also it feels good to be back. I got a peltra post just waiting to be published. So get ready for my #revengetour. Who I am seeking vengeance for, find out next time on SAE with A K. Until then, be great my A&M people.

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