Here We Go Again | My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! Episode One Review

Well time to add another Isekai to the portfolio . As this one is one of those that I actually enjoyed. As I needed some to fill that Re:Zero void and this was the anime to do it. Now I will say one thing this anime has lots of originality to it. But, I will say that the plot interest me. As I am a huge fan of A World God Only Knows. As having masters of the visual novel arts are my forte. So that was the reason that I really was interested in this anime.

Katarina Claes

Meme of the Episode

Now She starts the anime as a stubborn and rich girl that was born with silver spoons. She was set up to be the best villain. But, upon hitting her head she regains her memory before she was isekaied. Which I will admit I haven’t seen before. Maybe someone can point one out. But, regaining your memories after a couple years of playing your role is new to me. But, you give me a humble queen that realizes what position that she was in.

The Plan

She not crazy she just talks to herself in her head.

What this anime seems to be planning is to make this girl and her good deeds form her way to freedom of her death. Thus she begins to train, and learn all she can to avoid death. While doing as much good as she possibly can to break out of the routes. But, there are paths where even if she does good she can still die. So she has lots to do in this. I am most curious on how this anime ends as it is only 12 episodes. So unless it is a complete story it might be left on a cliff hanger or leave a lot to interpret.

Axe The Door

Not crazy at all.

My Favorite Scene of the episode. Which took me from surprise was when Katarina started to ax the door down. At a point to break the history of the game. That for a moment seemed predestined. But, she is forming her own. While also in the process saving her brother from years of loneliness.


I planned on coming out with another review series I wanted to cover Tower of God. But, I already read the manga and reviewing something that I already read felt weird knowing the expansive world of that anime. Then there’s Kaguya-Sama that I really want to keep to myself because it is really special to me. So I came to the conclusion to review this. As it has potential, a series with potential is what I eat for breakfast. So until next time, be great my A&M people.

Also will she end up with someone at the end?

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