The Harem to Surpass Them All | The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You (100 Kanojo)

Jasmine Box published a post at the end of 2019 deciding to drop all of the major manga of Shonen Jump. One of the many reasons to do that was so that they can also translate manga that might have never had the chance before they decided to stop the Jump series. During that same time they cut ties with Shonen Jump a manga on Young Jump would be born. That story went by the name Kimi no Koto ga Daidaidaidaidaisuki na 100-nin no Kanojo or in english The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You (Lets call it 100 Kanojo for short). As their arrival came they brought a genre that in the beginning caught my interest and upon reading the first 12 chapters. I decided to finally write again just to talk about this amazing series that way better than you think.

The General Plot

It centers around a main character that has been rejected a number of 100 times thourought middle school. Then upon many factors that you must read to find out. He has been blessed or cursed with 100 soulmates that he must get with or else. Meaning that this series can only go through the harem unless he wants a lot of death on his conscience. Thus starting an adventure of forming a true harem from the beginning of this manga.

Fourth Wall Breaking Comedy

Now they are soulmates that are destined to meet with one another. So you end up in all of the cliche ways that a harem manga does it. But, here’s the fun part. The characters know it, as they perform the thing that is one of the main reasons Gintama is my GOAT. Fourth wall breaking comedy. I was hooked as in the first couple of pages they are talking about wasting panels. While in later chapters they talk about just going back to the last chapter when explaining. I love when series do that and this manga does it right from the beginning to the current chapter (12).


I won’t go in depth on the characters as I highly recommend that you go in this blind as a bat. But, if you are wondering if the MC is a Rito( To Love Ru) that is afraid when in contact with women. You would be far from the truth. As this man is one of the characters that if you remember from my synopsis he was rejected from 100 girls from 8 months to the end of middle school. So he is not afraid to hit on and confess to anybody. While also the girls in this series are amazing as you see progression in all of their relationships. Making the manga feel great and happy for the future of this series.

My Only Concerns for the Series

I have a few concerns for this series though. First off it is a very young series at 12 chapters so I just hope that it makes it through its first year alright. As it is following a style that the recent anime of Oresuki did earlier. Making the harem enjoyable and having a fourth wall break. But, in the second half of the anime the jokes didn’t hit the same. I was a fool after the first couple episodes calling it the Gintama of Harems. But remember that this is a young series and I can’t say that it is the king yet. But, it is one of the next series to take the throne as We Never Learn and Quintessential Quintuplets are currently holding it.

Another concern that I have that coincides with it being young. I have a concern for the plot of the series. As the plot is about finding and getting with the 100 girlfriends or soulmates is what I should say. It is really gonna get interesting to me once we enter the twenties of harem girls. As that is to me where the author will have high troubles in the future. As making different personalities for each character and have them in the story constantly or not.

I am really interested to see if the author can write it to make sense for say a couple of them to not be around for the majority of the series if he wants to ship the group to another school. Also will all the soulmates be found in highschool or will they move into college and find more there. If they follow that I hope it follows the To Love Ru route from a shonen to a seinen to have more freedom in writing. Which they are making jokes about already of what they can’t do.

My Hope

I just have a lot of hope for this series. As I see it, they think that it is written well. Along with a good art staff. This harem is actually funny and the characters are well written so far. So this is my high recommendation for this series. As I say any fan of harem, comedy, or romance will like this anime.


You know after this post I feel like I might have an unhealthy addiction to this genre of harem. But, writing this also makes me feel like I am a true harem genre cono sur. Especially after reading chapter twelve of this amazing work. I just had to write about it as it is one of those series that I will be keeping a close eye on. As I am really hoping for this series to be good. As so far this harem is the harem genre done right. Until next time be great my A&M people.

Also if you are wondering who my best girl is, it’s Karane.

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