The End Is Near | Domestic na Kanojo 259-268 Review

I don’t know how but I keep coming back to this manga. I hate to read it so much. I hate it so much. But, fricking Sasuga Kei has me so invested into these characters’ lives. That I must see how it ends. Like I don’t care what the hell happens anymore. I just want everyone to be happy. Like why do you keep making us suffer through this Sasuga. WHY!!!! Now that I have calm down I will talk


First off why is this author throwing offers to Rui about aborition. Like I can understand that she wants to keep the baby. Like she would ever do that to her child in the first place. So I don’t understand why we needed to emphasize on that. As we had Rui’s friend and roommate says “…do you want to get rid of it?” Like what the hell I am only 5 pages in and 2 abortion offers with Rui saying no to both. I did not need those pages. Also it annoyed me that she didn’t tell Natsuo right away. But, I can understand that she could be scared of his reaction.

Which could have been a quicker and not a drawn out way to have the chapters. But, I will admit it did hit me after not reading this manga since January why I still come back to read this. As after her father told her to tell him immediately after she told him about it. (THANK YOU!!! Rui’s dad). So she finally tells him to give one of those panels that make me still read this manga.

Also on a side note I really wanted to name this review Defective Condom. As this baby was made by a stolen defective condom. How do you write this.

Reveal to Family and Friends

The reveal to friends and family was fun. I actually seemed like this manga was finally at the end. Then you have the family that is finally in the know of everything. You have everyone finally talking about how things worked out. Also seeing some of the friends’ reactions to everything was hilarious. Like imagine saying that you didn’t only get your sister pregnant. But, you plan to marry her.

Also I just want to add at the end of the day. Momo is the best girl and deserves all of the happiness in the world. Like really it is tough to decide between her, Hina, and Rui. Who is MY favorite girl. I am saying that this should end with Rui and Natsuo. This is one of those things that I need to see the end of.

Famous Author

Also Natsuo became a famous author. Yeah.. next topic


Now time to talk about Hina. Who I have to give props to. As this whole series since they have broken up and she had to deal with him getting together with Rui. Along with all of the things she has done for him. I have to say this is probably one of the toughtest mental characters in fiction.

Holding in all of this pain and weight in her heart. Never able to be with the man that she loves. I have to give props to the Hina. I love her character in the later half of the series. With all of this development and growth to her character. I love her. I just hate her fans with a passion.

The Reporter called Scum

Final antagonist to the story. Don’t care about him at all. Hope he dies a painful death.


After reading 268 I was wondering if this series will ever end. So I just searched it up and we are entering the final volume. So I will probably make three more posts about this manga and never talk about it again (Except for Waifu Hall Of Fame). This manga is one that I remember being a long time ago. Then I forgot about it. Until the anime came out and it rekindled my passion for this series.

I say that I hate it. But, I will not deny the amazing character writing put into every character. As each character I have a deep investment in. I want to see Hina happy, I want Natsuo and Rui to live happily ever after, I want Momo and her future husband to have lots of kids. I love the cast of Domestic Girlfriend.

Final Thoughts

Well the end is near. I don’t know when I will pick this up again. Just know that this manga is a staple in my life. So until next time, be great my A&M people.


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