2020 Winter Wrap Up

Well with my first impressions of Spring coming in the next couple of days. I wanted to wrap up my thoughts on all of the winter season. I will say that this was not my personal favorite season. But, that reason is because I only had one anime that I would call elite. Since I haven’t watched Haikyuu this season was weak to me. I am not saying that 2020 was bad. I was just not in the season as much as I usually am. So here are my closing thoughts on all the anime that I completed as the new season began. I will also give grades from S to F of the series I completed.

Chihayafuru Season 3

I am not going to spoil this anime for those who have not caught up to this. But, I will say that this season overall has been utter greatness. To every game of kurata in the season. To the emotion that Tachi, Chihaya, and everyone felt after the reveal at the end of the season. This season makes me depressed after THAT scene. But, I won’t talk about that. I was on the edge of my seat every episode and there were aspects that I wish were expanded more. As there were some matches that I wouldn’t mind seeing. Like the final match between the two friends. I am picking up the manga cause god knows when Madhouse will do a season 4 for this amazing anime.

Grade A

Darwin’s Game

This series was fun and interesting until episode 9. After that I lost a lot of hope for this series being something special. I do want another season for this. I just hope that we can get the quality of the treasure hunt arc. As that arc was really enjoyable in my regard. But, after that I lost some enjoyment in the series.

Grade B


Now this anime is one that is not for everyone. I might even say it is not for me at times. As the second arc in the anime to me dragged at points where I feel it was because of its story not wanting to leave on a cliffhanger. But Iwanaga is an amazing character and if Shinobu of Chihayafuru was not part of the Winter season. She would be the best girl. Also the ending song of this anime is the best of winter 2020.

Grade C

Interspecies Reviewers

If I am being completely serious and not trolling whatsoever. This anime was really enjoyable at the end of the day. As it was one of those anime that I in the beginning didn’t even pick up. As I saw the thumbnail and didn’t even pick it up. But, upon all the new controversy surrounding it I decided to pick it up. As I picked it up. I was utterly entertained and this anime has not only tested the bound that they can pass. But, they even surpassed that. Now about the anime ingeral the animation is good. The character designs are amazing. This is one of those anime that will be one that will never be forgotten.

Grade B

Runway de Waratte

This anime really was good and had sports anime aspects. Along with that it had beautiful storytelling and all of the characters are well written in this series. I was an amazing binge and worth the watch. The only aspect that I believed that it lacked was a bigger push in the animation department. Along with the world of fashion that I had no knowledge heading into this anime. Seeing some of the dresses and the walks was not at all great to watch besides that of the main character Chiyuki. Other than that I have to say that the world is set up nicely and I am in hope for a season 2. As this was one of those anime that convinced me to read the manga afterwards due to its amazing story telling.

Grade B

Other Series On Hold or For Its Own Post

Now let me quickly talk about these next ones. Re:Zero I am watching that and taking my time with it. As it is one of those anime that I just want to enjoy and not review. Dorohedoro is an anime that I didn’t pick up. But, I plan on picking up in the future. Eizouken is one of those anime that I watched the first two episodes and really enjoyed. I just never watched the rest. (The same thing happens with Fruits Basket). BOFURI is something I will pick up in the future. So all of these will enter and then hold the folder (Except Re:Zero). As I will most likely pick it up when a season two announcement will happen or just randomly like how I watched all of Durarara in three days.

Final Thoughts

This season is something that to me will be forgettable in a year. As to me I don’t think a new series stood out as much as Beastars in Fall or Vinland Saga in the Summer. But, this was still a fun Winter and time to head to spring. So thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

Patiently waiting for Kaguya-Sama Season 2 which is tomorrow.

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