The Battle For Gyou and Food | Kingdom Manga Chapters 634 to 638

These last 5 chapters of Kingdom have been nothing but utter tactics and mind games. As time and time again we would wonder how this war would be completed. But, who would have known that this would have been the conclusion of the battle of Gyou. This battle has been one of those that either side could have won. Despite the turn of tides in the war. So we got five chapters to cover this greatness so let’s not waste time.

The Fall Of Gyou | Chapter 634 “Strategy Undone”

This chapter was a huge struggle on the side of Zhou. As this was just constant struggle over and over till the end of the war. Then you see the man Kanki just chilling in his chair. You already know that it is over once he smiles. As after the long fought battle, Gyou has finally open its doors. With all of the citizens fleeing out.

Legends Meet Again | Chapter 635 “Mountain of Treasure”

First off RIP to the lord of Gyou. As he died falling off the building seeing his lands fall to Qin. There are two sides to every story and he was kind. Seeing his side was sad at the end of the day. Now time to talk about the epic meeting between the two generals leading this war, as I lost my sh*t for man. As seeing the two with Kanki still sitting in his chair. They exchanged a few words and it was pure hype. After this they now faced the new problem. Being in the middle of a foriegn land with no food.

Battle of Wits | Chapter 636 “Route of Resupply”

I just have to say it is good to see Ei Sei everytime. Seeing how he deducts all of this and how calm he is in it. I love that for the king and everything that he has done. Now what mind games is Ousen planning after sending a fake supply of food towards Gyou. That was apprehended by Shun Sui Ju and his fire arrows again.

Riboku | Chapter 637 “Gyou’s Life”

So the true food was actually sent by sea. Thought the river and plans to be delivered that way. It was a fine plan but. Riboku planned for that also. As he had a navy set to block Qin already. Then all the momentum shifted towards Zhou once again. The King had to arrest the man who was the title of the chapter Gyou’s Life. This to me made me hate the Pedo king even more. As this man held Gyou and the country of Zhou in the palm of his hands. But, you took that away.

Riboku to me could have been the best general in history under a good king or another good general. But, due to him being under a selfish and very creepy king. The fate of Gyou and everything is left in the hand of his subordinates. None of which are capable of handling the tactics of General Ousen. It will be a sad but fitting end to the man that is probably the greatest yet most handycaped general in the series.

The Snake King Of Qi | Chapter 638 “Waterway”

First off it is good to see the GOAT of Heki. As he is just amazing. Along with the amazing Yotanwa and Heki’s future girl (Kitari). I have to say that this was a smart plan to perform an alliance before the war. To sneak a way to talk to the king of Qi. The snake bastard himself would gladly take a large sum of money to help his future king.

Final Thoughts

This battle is reaching its climax. As Riboku is probably dead due to the king. Qin has food and there is no true leader for the Zhou army at the moment. I enjoyed this read and had fun reading these chapters. So until the next time, be great my A&M people.

He Really Loves Snakes

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