Welp I’m Invested Now | 100 Kanojo Chapter 13 “That’s the Senpai I Love” Review

Welp I never thought I would feel so passionate for a harem comedy series. But, this manga made me invested after these first 13 chapters. I now have notifications on when the chapter comes out. As the art is amazing, the 4th wall comedy is at a whole other level, then you have the story that gives me heavy To Love Ru vibes but it’s done right. So let’s talk about The 100 Girlfriends Who Really, Really, Really, Really, Really Love You Chapter 13 called “That’s the Senpai I Love”.

Side note For those who aren’t familiar with my review style. (if it can even be called that). I talk about my three things in the chapter that I personally enjoyed. Quick and simple. I really didn’t think that I would be doing something like this for this series. But, we’re here.

The Manga is Over Already, Sike

For just a second I thought that we were gonna be left on a cliffhanger. As I saw the last panel in the middle of the chapter as Nano captured Rentarou and put him into kissing prison for eternity. I really thought that it was a short chapter gonna make us wait until next week. Then, I read it and saw the page number and forgot that this manga loves to break the fourth wall. That is when I Kursui saved the day with more drugs.

The Yuri Bond is Segmented Forever

I just have to say that I love the relationship that the two are having over the series. As these two went from rivals to friends. To even more than friends at this point. I just live their reaction to what they did afterwards. Also they were doing that for a long time. Like long enough for Kursui to make drugs and for Tarou to hide and run from Nano. The Yuri is strong between these two.

Kursui is an Great Addition

I love her addition to the cast. This arc really made her character shine. As she taught me not all drugs are bad. Man that sounded so wrong. Besides that lets talk about the wonderful kiss at the end. After Tauro made his amazing speech. Ending the arc and preparing for much more to come.

Final Thoughts

I am testing this review if it goes well I might do more. This manga is something special to me. So I am here for the ride from beginning to end. My prediction for next week is a new girl. But, the type would be a rich girl maybe. Well thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

I love all these girls.

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