Top 10 Tower Of God Characters (Up to Ch.340 Spoilers)

Now that Tower Of God has an anime along with the fact that I am stuck at home. I finally decided to pick up again and binge the living hell out of this manhwa. I will admit that I hate myself for putting this off for so long. As the world and the story is so amazing that I believe that this can surpass One Piece. But, this post is about another aspect that makes this series amazing, that being the characters. So let’s start off this discussion right off with my top 10 favorite characters list of Tower of God after reading the amazing Floor of Death arc. Also this will contain HUGE SPOILERS for the manhwa up to the Floor of Death Arc final chapter 340 or season 2 episode 260. So let talk about it.

10) White/Hoaqin

I never thought that I would ever gain respect for this character ever. But, seeing him develop in the series from a character that I still hate for what he did to Prince and Vincent. To a respectable warrior and a hopeful rival to Bam. I love the development that his character is having every chapter. Understanding reason and turning into a smarter yet less soulless person. It might just be me but I want to see his character free and challengeBam to the top of the tower.

9) Hwa Ryun

Bam’s guide for the majority of season two. She has time and time again proven why she is an amazing yet mischievous character. I love that she is someone that only does things in the favor of Bam. As she sees him as her god. She rides or dies for him and will do anything to protect him alone. She is a smart and cunning character that is an important member of Bam’s team.

8) Urek Mazino

This man is just broken. Like I love how this man was using a limiter the whole Floor of Death Arc. As he is just that powerful. Constantly saying that I am using only 1% of my power. This man is just that broken and I can’t wait to see him go all out in a fight. Also his relationship with his love or ex love is amazing.

7) Anak Zahard Jr.

Despite taking a back seat in season two. She still to me is a great character with a lot of room to grow. I can’t wait to see her in future fights. Along with her future rivals. As she is a person with a lot of potential and a powerful ally in the future.

6) Shibisu

This man was my favorite character for the longest. As he was just that character that had the effect and charm similar to Leoreo in Hunter Hunter. I will never forget the pokeball references the man made. He is a staple in this franchise and is fun to see every time.

5) Khun Ran

He is a literal copyright infringement of Killua(Hunter X Hunter). But, I still love his character. If you want to know his personality it beats the toughest while being cool. He also has blue hair and lightning abilities. He is not here solely cause is Walmart Brand Killua. He is just that kid that loves to fight.

4) 25th Bam

I love the character of Bam. He is a man that lost his purpose and then was forced upon a new goal in life. Once freed from that goal. He finally had the freedom to do his own choice. Seeing what he had to do in order to become what he is now. I love it. This man has so much to go through in this series and he is the main reason I am here for this ride.

3) Ha Yuri Zahard

Now from a character that is less serious. Time to talk about the character that I just love the fun in her character. As she really is a bored character that stumbled upon the MC of the series. Said he was cute and helped him along the way. I love her character and all the things that she does. She would be my best girl if another princess didn’t take my heart.

2) Khun

He is the GOAT. I love his utter trust and love for his best friend Bam. He is willing to die for him if he asks. Khun is a character that thinks with a 300 plus IQ. He is wise and critical with all of his dissections. And is not afraid to challenge and call out Rachel on numerous occasions. He is my favorite male character for a reason and I have to admit that this is one of those series that I know will become even greater as we move forward. As he is the right hand man to BAM.

1) Endorsi Zahard

I will literally lose my shit on her true introduction in the anime. As I was hyped in the trailer seeing her. Even in the first clip seeing my queen. But, once I see that panel with just the three of them standing tall on a pile of bodies. I am gonna lose it.

I will say that seeing her backstory and her utter obsession with Bam. I can’t help but love her character. As literary she was so focused on a date (that was postponed for several years) that it gave her power to defeat an enemy. Endorsi is a queen and I really just hope for her happiness at the end. Cause who knows how this series will turn out. As she sadly has been put behind Rachel several times in the series when her life was on the line. So I was sad about that. But, I can’t wait to learn more about her character and what her choice will be when she truly has to choose between Bam and her title as princess.

Final Thoughts

Well was this just to say that Endorsi is top one and no one will ever top her. Maybe. But, I can’t wait to talk about the Floor of Death arc later in the week. Also these are only ten of the amazing characters in this vast diverse and insance cast of characters. So until then, be great my A&M people.

Also if you don’t already know Endorsi Best Girl.

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