There Back!!! | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 Ep.1 Review

I was really planning on keeping this to myself. As there are some series that to me are so great that I can’t describe in words. But, after enjoying this anime to myself three or four times. Along with putting the amazing opening of DADDY! DADDY! DO! By Masayuki! Suzuki (Who did the first opening) & Airi Suzuki on repeat. I had to talk about this amazing series. That I love with a passion. So let’s talk about Kaguya-Sama Season 2 Episode 1.

Coffee & Ai Hayasaka

I just have to say that the opening scene to this season 2 with having Ai guard the door was amazing. A proper way to reintroduce all of the characters in the series. While also producing plenty of meme material with Ishigami on the bench sleep. Also seeing Kaguya frozen for the whole episode I was laughing the whole time.

Other Couple

That were all the toilet paper went.

I love this couple as they were formed by the only two people that couldn’t form a relationship. As seeing how the boyfriends character completely changed. Then to have the whole student council outside peeping on them. This was hilarious, along with having the Kaguya freaking out of what the president would do after every date. Also the trains was 10/10.

Life Game

Insert Imagination Meme

This was just an amazing game that I hope is produced in real life one day. But, I like how even in fiction , Kaguya had everything in the world. She would not be complete without Prez. That shows the commitment that those two have for one another. Also seeing Chika marry everyone, while Ishigami dies on his first turn was great.


Best Smile

Well this episode showed both of their yandere tendencies. As I forgot how much these two REALLY love one another. As Kaguya is someone that if she loves you she will know your blood type, the weight of you when you were born, and alot more. I can never really choose a best girl for this anime but, I learned that Kaguya is someone that will love you to death, literally. But, then again she is a tsundere so she might not.


Best Walk

When I first saw this opening and saw the walk. The squad walk man. I f*cking lost it. It made the opening of what I already love from the beginning to something that made me shed tears of pure happiness. I love this anime way too much and after this season it legit might be top 10. I am not even joking when I say that.

Final Thoughts

Four fun stories, an amazing opening, a cast of characters that still have great characters, amazing direction, and a GOAT story. This series is one that is one of a kind man. I am glad I made this cause this series deserves all of the love in the world. So until next time, be great my A&M people.


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