That Man Has Returned | Kingdom Manga Chapter 639 “Good News” Review

Such a beautiful cover spread. Also you can see a lot of people are about to get laid tonight in the page.

Good news indeed, as this series has given us probably chapter of the year. As I have cried to this manga plenty of times this chapter. As time and time again they deliver with these amazing chapters. As this chapter gave us the complete domination of Zhou. With also some amazing returns of characters. So let’s get into the chapter and time to eat.

Shin’s Maturity

I am so happy to see Shin that once was a boy, truly become a man this whole arc. Like seeing his development in the whole Zhou Invasion was beautiful. Every chapter he became more and more like an adult. Seeing the way that he was was amazing. Seeing this moment, of him taking the stress away from Ten. Allowing her to relax was beautiful. I can’t wait to see how he is in the future arcs as the man he is now.

The Fall Of Riboku

Remember the true MVP for Qin’s victory. That being the King of Zhou’s and his horrid self. Killing off the best general of the kingdom of Zhou. As he is trying to give ideas for the last hope of the country. But, his plans never to be heard again. He is to be executed by the man that he protects. A sad but fitting end for the heart of Zhou.

That Man Tou

Bruh, the Great General that was the right hand to the GOAT Ouki. That. Man.Tou. is here to aid and take Retsubi. It’s over, man. Qin finally has the support that they need. Zhou will soon be the land of Qin. I just want to say once again it is great to have that man Tou.

Final Thoughts

I remember when I first reacted to this chapter I nearly cried. But rereading this and doing the review. I now feel that I can say that this is the chapter of the year so far. I can’t wait to see some Tou action. Or hell even something outside the Retsubi. Until then be great my A&M people.

I Just want to say this is some well deserved food. All of these soldiers deserve every freaking bit of it.

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