The True Main Character Arrives | My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! EP3+4 Review

A Little Behind on EVERYTHING but, lets go. As the Harem is growing rapidly. We get a 7 year timeskip. The true main character is introduced. Also I have chosen who I am rooting for in the end. Since both of these episodes were fired I had to talk about both. So let’s talk about episode 3 and 4 of My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom!

Episode 3


I really like Sophia as a character. If someone in episode 4 didn’t appear she would probably be my best girl. But, I love that she is a huge fan of reading. Also Katarina falling from the tree was comedic. As right after she ran to the bathroom. Also I wonder if Sophia has some cursed abilities. As she is someone that is

Nicole Is My Favorite Character

Out of all the characters in this show. Nicol is my favorite. This man is very understandable from a character standpoint. As you can understand why he has a sister complex. After seeing all of the hate that she went through due to her hair and eyes. He truly loves his sister and will do anything for her happiness. Forming that complex over her. Also seeing how he only smiles when his sister is truly happy. I really like that out of his character.

Gerald The Savage

Gerrald is not the one that I am rooting for at the end with Katarina. But, I respect that energy as he keeps it real as f*ck. He is the fiancee for a reason.

Everyone is in this Harem

At this point, everyone is in love with Katarina. You see Keith trying to wipe the hickey off. You see Alan trying to beat his brother for her love. You see Mary learning to dance as the man. While Sophia is thinking about a yuri book she read. She basically formed a harem without even trying.


Now time for some negatives. I didn’t like the timeskip as soon as we got it. As I feel like there could have been a lot more development towards the character. But, we got it so we’ll see what is next. But, I just wonder what happened during those years. Was it rinse and repeat for the years as children. I feel like that it was just rushed to get to the point where the game started.

Episode 4


You know I was keeping calm about the #Bakarina. But, after this episode I have to say. How is she oblivious to this extent. At this point you might as well remove all of her knowledge of games. As she has not realised how much the characters change over the 7 years you were with them. That to me is a little bit of a negative on my point.

The True Main Character Arrives

Best Girl

Now out of all the characters. I said before that I loved Shopia and her character. But, Mary truly stole the show this episode. As she pulled up and was truly a girl that stole the heart of me. As I say that she is personally the best girl. Also I had supisons that Mary was also sent from another world. But, so far this is not the case. As she seems way too pure for this world.


I am curious now. As the world that she is in right now. Is forcing these events to happen. As in the game those bullies were friends of Catarina. But, now they are doing it of their own accord. But, have they ever met. That to me is really making me wonder.

Final Thoughts

These last two episodes were very enjoyable in my eyes. I am just curious when and if Katarina will ever learn the route she put herself in. Or will she be this stupid during the whole show. As if that is the case this would drop a lot of points in my opinion. But, that’s everything. Shoutout to everyone that reads this to the end.

Also the reason I have been gone is because I was in final exam week online that was horrible. Now that I don’t return till June (which is also online) and I am trapped in my house because of the world. Also I have been addicted to Persona 5 so that has been taking up a lot of my time. But now I finally can put a lot of effort in this blog. So thanks for sticking with me till now. Until next time, be great my A&M people.


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