Anime Spring 2020 Quarterly Report Card

You know what, being stuck in my room with nothing to do but freetime, sleep, and enjoying all the anime & manga that is in my backlog is not pretty bad. With such a huge season I am happy that I have all of the free time to watch. We might have lost a lot of heavy hitters like SNAFU, SwordArt Online, and Re:Zero. But, we got a ton of solid and great anime this season. So here are my first impressions of almost everything. I have watched between episode 1 to 4 of everything on this list. As I literally went down the two seasonal list and picked out almost everything. So I have a lot of words.

Note: there are some series I am not picking up because I haven’t watched season 1 that being Bookworm Season 2 & Tsugumomo 2. I put both of them in my catalog so I will watch them one day. But, I am focusing on anime that I can watch.

Now let’s talk about how I rank this. As the lower you go the better the series in my eyes. Which does not correspond with the grade that I give. So the lower that I go is my enjoyement. While the grade is my unbais opinion. I got bold on my overall thoughts on the show. But, for more in depth reasons. You can read the text. So enough rules let’s talk about the top series of spring 2020.

Series I’m not watching period:

Gleipnir (?)

Now the main reason that I am not watching this series is because I read the manga and really don’t feel like I need to watch this anime. But, what I can say about this series is that it is weird. It is not good nor is it horrible. It’s just weird. With the story being revolve around a crazy girl that gets inside a living teddy bear and goes on rampages.

Food Wars! Shokugeki no Soma (Final Season) (?, Most Likely D)

Similar to why I won’t watch Gleipnir, I have read all of Food Wars weekly to the very disappointing final arc of the manga. As I made an essay long rant about the final arc. (Read Here). Which is gaining a lot of traction recently so I am happy that people understand my pain. But, I can’t stand to watch this series.

The Millionaire Detective – Balance: UNLIMITED (?)

The main reason I didn’t watch this was because of the delay of episode three due to the epidemic. So I didn’t want to hop into a series with a huge delay between episodes.

Series I Dropped After Ep 1:

Princess Connect! Re: Dive (D+)

The artstyle is amazing, the character designs are beautiful (One of if not best of the season), and it was directed by the director of Konosuba. So it should be great. But, it’s a story made from a game and is catered for the people that have played the games. As I watched this I was not entertained. But, some people might like it regardless. Also there are just some levels of stupidity that I can’t even take out of a character.

Kingdom 3rd Season (B)

It’s not the anime, it’s me. I can’t get over the fact they change the names of everyone from japanese to chinese. Also the animation is not bad in my eyes I just can’t get over the coloration of some of the characters. I still love the manga which has always been in my top 3 no matter what. But, I will never watch a Kingdom anime. I will watch clips though.

Listeners. (C+)

I just want to say that this is a very good series. But, I am not up for the ride. As I didn’t like the main female. I feel like there are gonna be a lot of plot holes. I also just didn’t like the mech designs. So that is just me.

Series That Peaked My Interest:

The 8th son? Are you kidding me? (D)

This show is bad in the production sense. As in the first episode I was watching a slideshow for multiple scenes. But, in the story it has an interesting concept to me, Even though Isekai has been done to death already I might give this show a chance in the future.


This show was something that I find really intrigued about the world. I like the style of the series. But, one thing that really annoyed the living hell out of me is the main character and his design.. He looks way out of place from his homeland. Like he has worse hair than Yugi from Yugioh. This was a hold for me. As I have a stacked line up this season. With this not being a priority.

Diary of Our Days at the Breakwater (C+)

Cute girls doing fishing. I like the concept. I just wish that it was more than that.

Series I Enjoyed:

Shironeko Project ZERO Chronicle (B-)

This was actually more interesting than I thought. I really am interested to see what happens in the future of this series. As the concept of light and darkness. Along with the aspect of two worlds on two sides of a coin. I will watch it and maybe like more or drop it.

Wave, Listen to Me! (B)

I will admit that I dropped this series after the first 5 minutes. But, I gave some time after watching some other shows. Then watched it again. I will stay that the story based around radio work and comedy is one that isn’t for everyone. Maybe even me. But, I will at least give this series a couple more episodes. Just warning me to get used to hearing the main characters voice A LOT.

Series That I Like:

Arte (B+)

This series was one of the last that I watched on the list. I have to say that the passion and writing for the character of Arte hooked me. I love girls that act like tomboys. As she gave me a heavy Chihaya of Chihayafuru vibes. This is a story about a girl trying to become a painter against all of the odds. Seeing her or any character passionate about something just hits me in the feels man.

BNA: Brand New Animal (A)

This is fighting, explosions, and a story that I totally don’t understand. I expect nothing less from Trigger.

My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! (B+)

I am enjoying the cast. Along with the comedy of this series. Katarina is a very dumb anime protagonist and its enjoyable to watch. I say that this series is gonna be one that might crown a new harem queen.

Kakushigoto (A+)

I love the comedy of this series as it is about a father that hides his job from the daughter as its very lewd. But, I don’t know if this is gonna be a series that I will be depressed or laughing at the end of it.

Series That I Love:

Tower of God (A)

I am happy that Tower of God is coming out to represent webtoons and manhwa. As this is the push that this and many other webtoons need to become amazing one day. Now I am not gonna say anything about the anime. As I am now caught up to it. All I will say is that Yama is GOATed.


You know that this series was not even on my radar. Until I sat down and watched everything. I never have been so happy that I found this series. This is a masterpiece series in my opinion. I will talk more about it in a seperate post. But, once I watched the first episode. I fell in love with it instantly. This anime hit me on an emotional side and I feel like this series at the end of the day is something everyone needs to watch. As after the end of this season I can see this as an anime that will never be forgotten.

Series That I am Addicted to:

Kaguya-sama: Love is War (S+)

The first three episodes have been nothing but, 11/10 greatness. Progression in the story with the relationship between Kaguya and Prez is good. The comedy is on another level at this rate. They have even become better as this new season continues. The cast overall is amazing still with many more to shine. My final statement is that Kaguya’s voice actor deserves multiple oscars for her performance.

Final Thoughts

Well that is everything. I am tired cause I had to watch a ridiculous amount of anime for this. But, I am happy that I did. As I found some sleeper shows in my opinion. So I hope everyone is safe and make sure you are quarantined and watch anime. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

Best girl Endorsi

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