MONOGATARI REFERENCES!!! | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP4 Review

You know I really try to hold back with Kaguya-Sama. As these episodes just keep getting better and better every time. Like I cried tears of joy at the Monogatari reference. I fell in love with the character of Ai Hayasaka this episode. We also got two new additions to the cast. This episode is a 11/10 and I am not hiding my fanboy for this episode. As really after this season I guarantee you that this is top 5 on my all time list. For the 4 episodes alone, that is how great this episode is to me. Well let’s talk about this greatness.

Episode 4

Ai Hayasaka Best Character Of 2020

Give her voice actor a FUCKING OSCAR. Her performance switched from the emotionless character, to the innocent girl, and the popular girl all in this one episode was amazing. She is a character of many faces. Also when she started to put on the pressure on the President. Saying that she is okay with being his side peace. I lost it.

Bruh when Kaguya dared Hayasaka to pull Prez. I didn’t know that she would go to that level when she was angry. But, man if she desires she can basically pull anybody with her acting skills this episode. Also I loved when she pulled out Kaguya for the class. That was 11/10 greatness from her character. With her also being a little bit pissed at her.


Bruh I lost it when I saw Araragi’s (Monogatari) hair on the President. During the scene when Chika and Prez are talking I pause and did a backflip(in my head). As I noticed some cuts like when I saw the eye thing that Monogatari does. Also the room looked a little different. But, when I saw the hair I knew they were doing an homage to it. I just have to say that the director of Kaguya is one of the best ever in the business.

School Near Forces Confession + New Characters

Now this whole scene of the whole school basically shipping them was amazing. Like it was a full news story around the school. Like if this was Kaguya’s plan this would have been perfect. But, Kaguya was just two shy to realize it. Also I just want to note that Kaguya’s smile was way too bright. Like my heart couldn’t take it. But, he found a way out of it. But, doing that boosted his popularity for president. So the election is in the bag. As he is facing a shining new rookie.

We also get introduced to two new characters that I am excited to find out about. As one of them is some that is possibly smarter than Kaguya and Shirogane. Well well find out later.

Final Thoughts

I just have to say that this is an amazing series. Probably my second favorite comedy all time. With a romance that is too pure and amazing for this world. Well I think you know how much I love this anime. I don’t know if I will make reviews for the series.

Bruh who animated this scene though

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