So I Finally Caught Up to Tower Of God… (Season 2 and 3 Spoilers!)

I realized putting off the post for a while basically left me with a ridiculous amount of stuff to talk about. As I am trying to cover all of the train saga. Along with the final battle in season two. In addition to that I will be covering all of the King Yama arc. So I thought that it would be too much just to talk about all of this is one post so what I plan to do is talk about my overall thoughts about Tower of God season 2 (Hell Train Saga) and Season 3 (Up to Ch. 476). But, talking about the characters is something that I will hold off for a character discussion in the future. (Also I have to make an updated characters list) As every character from White to Kallavan to the GOAT of King Yama. Deserve their own post one of these days. So let’s get into this.

Overall Thoughts

I will say that I enjoyed the whole story. But, let’s talk about the negatives and get the bad stuff out the way. As one thing that Tower of God that I didn’t like, but eventually got used to. Is the large cast of characters. Which I can say is a double edge sword. As you can get characters that are just garbage and copies of previous characters to me. But, then you get some amazingly written and deep characters that are amazing additions to the story. So that is something that I can accept and but, the rate that this is going. I feel like they don’t plan to stop introducing the large cast anytime soon. As every arc we are introduced to at least 100 new characters. With at least 20 to 30 of them having important roles in the story. Which gives some people that to me deserve more screen time, no proper time to shine.

For example characters like Hatz who is finally getting a little bit of screen time now. Was near nonexistence in season 2. Annak someone that was a near main character in season one. Was pushed far back to a mere side character in season two only getting the battle with Ran as a highlight. The only one that got to shine to me was Endorsi and that is based on her personality alone. But, even her character was just gone entering season 3. I will say that some of these character disappearances did not go in vain. As we got more shine to Yuri as a character in season two. Hoaqin/White is one of my favorite antagonists in Tower of God. King Yama is to me one of the greatest written characters that I have ever read. So that is my first negative.

Another negative that I have is the power scaling. As to me the power scaling is completely destroyed after season 2. With Bam being a level that is even crazier and is probably at the end of the series going to be at the level of Enryu. Maybe even greater. Also I feel like some of these people should not even touch rankers. But, when Khun and Rak team up with Bam against the Ranker. I feel like Rak and Khun should not be able to touch him. But, I guess that is me.

The last negative I have is the random power ups out of nowhere. As this man Bam has had multiple power ups in this series time and time again. Which I can say is attributed to destiny and him being the one to change this tower. I still laugh every 20 chapters Bam gets a new powerup. But, now I really got agitated a little bit. When Khun died and came back to life. With him getting a power that is still not explained. Now that is all of the negative that I got about this series. Love or hate it It does have its flaws. Now onto the positive of the story.

Season 2 (Hell Train Saga) Thoughts

I am so happy that we got introduced to the character of White. As his addition to the world was a true wake up call to the horrible world of Tower of God. As this showed that really no one is safe climbing the tower. With him being a true evil. Killing Bam’s friends. Stealing the lives of his brothers and sisters for his own goal. The whole arc of the family fighting for the center of White. It was an arc that was dark and showed what people will do for their goals. Then the whole reintroduction to Yuri was amazing. Seeing how she trained Bam, Endorsi, and Khun. It was fun seeing them in their arcs.

Floor Of Death

This arc was wild. Like every was like there are no limits to what can happen in this arc. As we got the history of Bam. We got the end goal of the series. We got introduced to one of the 10. Also Urek insanity was just off the chart. This arc was beautiful to me. Wait, I forgot to talk about the GOAT Enryu. The man that took out a guardian. This whole arc was just hype. I probably say that this was one of if not my favorite arcs in the series. Mainly cause we got so much lore about the Tower and the history.

The ‘Name Hunt’ Station

This station and the whole arc surrounding it was fun. We got the return of the OG cast. We got Endorsi shining like a diamond. We got one of the most heartbreaking decisions in the story to me. As after the talk with Endorsi and Bam. It showed me that Endorsi will not end up with Bam at the end of the day. Despite her being on his side till now. This arc tore me as I really thought that Endorsi was gonna get left here.

There is a lot more to this arc. As we got Hatz with a new sword. We got the story of Kaiser who is one of the saddest characters in the story to me. For a simple girl that couldn’t find love she did what she could for it. I love her right hand who to me is very underrated. But, man this floor and arc was one trip.

Hidden Floor

I will talk briefly about this as I feel like the hidden floor was not my favorite arc in the series. But, I will say that I like the character of Khun’s father. As he is one of the characters that you can’t hate. But, I am really curious to see how he is now that he has climbed the tower.

The Last Station

This arc was just character glore. As I remember the introduction and this was legit when I was lost. As the ranking was confusing to me. In addition to all of the new named characters. I was confused for a bit. Until we got to the fights. With the rebirth of White coming out full power. Everyone was in fear for their life. Until he ran out. The introduction to Even Hell was beautiful. As she is just one of those characters that fights first, ask questions later.

We get the epic battle between Bam’s teacher Ha and Kallavan. We get the epic clash. This whole arc was just Rankers going all out. Like there was no tomorrow.

Season 3 (King Yama)

This arc is one of those that I won’t go into too much detail. I plan to drop a post about King Yama. As he became one of my favorite characters in the series. This man went through so much to be the king of this land. For the sole purpose that he can protect his race. We went through so much with the story of Deng Deng, the return of Kaiser, FUG elders, and just all out war against Jahad. This led to the insane war that we are in now.

Final Thoughts

Now this was just a brief summary about my overall thoughts about several arcs. I know that I forgot to talk about a lot of stuff. Along with some of the floors, tests, and characters in this ever growing story. But, I am here for the full ride and love the narrative. So thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

Also Khun is the GOAT

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