A Masterpiece Of Emotion | My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Oregairu) Season 2 Episode 13 Review

I watched this specific episode several times over and over again. It might be the only episode that I had on repeat ever. As when I finally sat down and watched SNAFU Season 2 Episode 13. I was not expecting to see this much development and feel so sad. This finale had so many hidden messages and intense moments in a single episode. As this series is one not to bullsh*t with the love triangles.

Which I thought after the valentine’s day episode they would both give Hachiman chocolates and it would be an episode. Boy I was wrong. As the characters are fully aware of the love triangle going on but, they avoid confronting it so things stay the same. That is some beautiful as f*ck writing(note I am trying to contain my profounity) As the whole season came down to this episode and to me I didn’t expect a turn like this at all. At the end. So let’s talk about the SNAFU finale. With the moments that hit me the most in the episode.

“What Should I Do”- Yui

This moment was one of the first dominoes to fall of this episode. Like seeing the way that Yui was trying to help Yukino. Unsure of herself on what she had to do. This moment was really something that I can’t put to words. As I really saw Yukino in this episode, I was afraid of change. The same thing that she was mad at Hachiman doing at the beginning of season 2. Which also not on that is some amazing foreshadowing and symbolism by the writer.

Haruno Yukinoshita

Then comes Yukino’s sister. During this whole episode I was struggling to define her character. As a person that was jealous of her sister. Or someone that is trying to push her sister but, really aggressively. After this I see that she is a very caring sister that wants to push the relationship and don’t keep them stagnant. So Yukino sleeps over at Yui’s house which was really nice of Yui.

Before Everything Changes

I just want to say beforehand of the big moment at the end. Yui is a character that has really grown on me. As if you wanted to know the person that I wanted at the beginning of season one was Yukino. I still feel that way somewhat. But, I have to say that I love Yui for what she has done this whole season. Along with the development of her character. As she set up this threeway date before the final encounter. As this would be the last time that their relationship would be like that.

Final Scene

This whole scene was a masterpiece. Seeing that Yui put her heart and soul into those cookies. Displaying her love for Hachiman in front of Yukino. Who earlier was afraid to do the same. But, Yui finally decided that she was gonna be a little bit selfish. Seeing the shaking, trembling, and gestures from all of these characters. I have to say that this final scene displayed so much emotion and to me personally it was beautiful, confusing, and just a masterpiece of a scene to me.

My Deduction

I am not a dissector of characters. But, when Yui wanted it all. She wanted to be together with Hachiman which was clear many times throughout this second season. But, she also wanted them to be friends. So when she offered that she would help Yukino with her family situation. But, it would be Yui that helped her and not herself. That is why Hachiman helped her and in my opinion chose Yukino at the end.

Explaining why Yui was crying. But, it can be interped a lot of different ways. As Yui could have teared up because she was so cruel in her act and realized what she was doing. She could have lost her only chance with Hachiman. There is so much to digest in that final scene. I am thirsting for the final season as the light novels are to be complete or are already. So I can’t wait to see how this all ends.

Final Thoughts

I know that I haven’t talk about the season as a whole. And I think that I might never will. As this story is so hard to describe it’s amazing writing. Also I want to shout out the people that have been waiting for season 3 for almost 5 years. Especially after being left on that cliff hanger. I can’t wait for the final season and if they can put the emotion that they did in this episode into season three. This story will be engraved in history as a modern classic to me. So until then be great my A&M people.

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