Persona 5 is My Favorite Game Of All Time

Well if you are wondering why I have been inconsistent as hell. I have been addicted to a game that I bought off a PS4 sale and a friend’s recommendation. Then in the span of 102 hours of playing and multiple days without sleep. It became my favorite game of all time. So I am just here to praise the hell out of it.


This has one of the most beautiful soundtracks. From the “Life Will Change” treasure stealing music to the last surprise when fighting all of the battles. I never got such into a soundtrack that I was just dancing in the middle of gameplay. Hell I would say that this soundtrack should go platium cause its a fucking masterpiece.


From those characters, there is so much to talk about that it would take way too long to go into each one’s character. I will just talk about a few. As I will start off with Joker the GOAT himself. This man that you play in this game is just amazing. As he is the leader of the phantom thieves and the way that I ran it. He to me was just that dude.

But, to other characters, Ann is an amazing and deep character. That the more that you learn about her through her story. Makoto has the name Queen for a reason, enough is said. The Twins to me are underrated characters. I love all of the meetings with them. Then the character of Achecki, I have to say that this man is legendary to the very end. From beginning to the end of the story this way is beautiful. There is way many more and so much more to get into all I can say is that this deep cast of characters is amazing.

The Game Play

The game play is amazing with the turnstyle playing. The visual novel aspect. While building relations with everyone in the game is fun on its own right. I have to say that I have never had so much fun grinding in a video game. Also you can see the effort that they put into this. From the menu to everything they took so much care of it.

The Final Boss Cut Scene

There are so many moments that I can talk about from the palaces. To each of the stories. That follows them. But, I will just talk about my favorite scene in the anime. After I heard Joker say “pillage him, Satanael!” I legit lost it. Like I could not tell you the emotion I felt in that final cutscene. As It was just beautiful.

The One Flaw

The one and only flaw I have with the game is not enough time to fully experience the world. Which I heard that P5R gives you a lot more of. So really I have no complaints whatsoever about this masterpiece. That was even improved and better in Royal so I know that Royal is gonna be even better.

Final Thoughts

First off I am gonna say that I haven’t played Royal yet. But, I already know that this writing can only get better with the writers of Atlus. As I am also a fan of the Catherine games. So I already know that this game can only get better. This is my favorite game of all time until I play Royal in a couple of months. (Need to Take a Break and watch Anime). So yeah I just wanted to gush about my favorite game of all time. After playing almost twice.

I chose Tae in Original. Ann in New Game Plus.

5 thoughts on “Persona 5 is My Favorite Game Of All Time

  1. Don’t have a Playstation so haven’t been able to play this one yet, but I can see why it’s so good. Persona 3 Portable was an amazing game, and I just know that I’d love P4 and P5. And now you’ve got me remembering the soundtrack for P3P!

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    1. Yeah it was one hell of a ride for me. I legit lost sleep and was just sucked into that world. Yeah I haven’t played the other persona games. But, after hearing that. I wish I had a time traveler so I can play the old persona games when I had my PSP.


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