Lady in the streets… | Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 2 EP.5 Review

Welcome to this week’s late review. As we talk about another episode of that Kaguya greatness. As this episode had the feels, the jokes, the laughs, and even horror this time around. As this could have easily been a halloween episode. With all of the horror references it had. Besides that, let’s talk about this episode.

Episode 6

New Look Prez

So I first have to say that Shirogane is one of the hardest workers in anime. As this man when he finally gets enough sleep he becomes a whole other character. Also I love the social distancing jokes. So that is very enjoyable that they are keeping jokes about it the whole series. Also Shirogane with sleep is way more popular. But, he tries to pull off the new look on Kaguya but it has no effect. I wonder why.


I really love her character. As she is someone that is more mature relationship wise than Kaguya. But, Kaguya’s purity is way too much. I love all of her reactions and her protection of Kaguya. She is amazing when we get scenes with her. Also Ishigami coming in is amazing.

Lady in the streets…

Well I put it in the title. All I am gonna say is this is what happens to church girls all of the time. Not gonna say anymore than that. Except I would never think Kaguya would have a sleepy eye fetish.

Mother Chika

I love the relationship between Chika and Shirogone. She basically is the person that removes all weaknesses that he has. As she basically raised this boy. I see their relationship really as an older sister and younger brother. I just love when Chika couldn’t hold the emotions in after all of her training. Also Chika is gonna be the best teacher one day for teaching Shirogone’s horrible voice. Also she doesn’t hold back at all.

Kaguya Vs Miko

Now this was just amazing. As Kaguya has two sides to her. The pure childlike side. With the 1000 IQ sadistic side of her. But, Miko is like her pure child but even more extreme. As she is giving nothing but, compliments to her and saying she should be in a relationship. I am gonna love their relationship in the future. As Maki is the most pure hearted girl in anime.

Final Thoughts

This anime every episode that I watch is just making this anime jump higher and higher on my all time list. As I just have to say that this is just a masterpiece. 10/10 anime. All the characters are amazing. With the comedy just on point every time. Thanks for reading and sorry for the late review. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

I love Hayasaka.

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